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catastrophic injury accidents anthony carboneCatastrophic injury victims share one thing in common.  Their lives have changed forever.   The permanent damage can be anything.  Physical limitations and disfigurement. Emotional distress. Mental health issues. It  often represents a life sentence of challenges. Too often, the injuries are caused by a car accident or some other type of negligence claim.

Occasionally, we come across a story that is aptly termed remarkable.  Inspirational, in fact.  Learn how one young man decided to proceed past being an accident victim.

How a Serious Accident Victim Motivates Others

We came across Gabe Hurley’s trials in a press release issued by Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.  Gabe was recently awarded a Patients Courage Award by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Determination. Motivation.  Inspirational.  These seem to be the keywords used to describe this young man.

Gabe was injured when a teenage reckless driver crashed into a bridge.  The force of the accident was extreme.  In fact, it caused the car’s heavy radiator to pierce through Gabe’s windshield.  It is amazing that Gabe survived the crash.

After the accident, Gabe’s injuries required a number of hospital stays. The first found him in a coma.  Gabe endured twelve surgeries.   He is blind and suffered traumatic brain injury.  Yet, Gabe is determined to make something good come out of the crash.

Gabe doesn’t remember the accident that left him with catastrophic injuries.  In fact, he doesn’t call it an accident. (He prefers to term it a crash.)  According to news articles, Gabe has taken to speaking to others about responsible driving.  He uses a guitar to get his message across.   Nevertheless, this young man’s life is changed forever.

Understanding the Value of Legal Representation for Catastrophic Injuries

It is hard enough to handle the devastation of any catastrophic injury.  It is understandable that many will not have the strength to get past their hurt.  Sadly, the prospect of a lifetime of medical care and loss of income are a reality.

So many different issues fall into the category of catastrophic injury. Severe spine or spinal cord issues.  Loss of limbs.  Blindness. Traumatic brain injury. The list goes on.

We all know that accidents happen.  But when someone else may be responsible, it is important to secure legal representation.

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have nearly thirty years of experience representing accident victims.  Contact us to schedule an appointment for us to review your case.

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