What Happens When the DCPP Knocks on Your Door

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dcp&p attorney anthony carboneOne of the most heartbreaking things to happen to a parent is when a child is taken away from them. Especially if you don’t have knowledge as to why.

Let’s say you’re a single mother trying your best to take care of your child. One day, you get into a very loud argument with your child, so loud that the police were called in for a noise complaint. Although you never did anything to your child, the next thing you know is the Division of Child Protection and Permanency is knocking at your door to investigate a claim of child abuse. Is this right? Can the DCP&P just show up at your door without warning?

Unfortunately, you can’t prevent the DCP&P from showing up at your door. The investigators have the right to show up at your door unannounced. What will happen in the first visit is they will ask you some questions about the situation. You do have the right to not answer their questions; however, this does not mean the investigation isn’t over. It just means the DCP&P will take the case to court.

You may be nervous about DCP&P investigators at the door, but remember that they are there only to investigate. You cannot be arrested by the DCP&P. Could they take away your child away in that first investigation? Possibly, if they find the situation the child is living in is a dangerous situation. But keep these tips in mind when dealing with the DCP&P:

  • You have the right to ask about why you are being investigated
  • Get the contact info of both the investigators and their supervisors
  • If they want you to sign papers that you don’t understand, don’t do it. Let them know that you wish to have the help of an attorney to go through the documents.
  • Before signing any releases, make sure you know what the release is for.

If the DCP&P has taken away your child, know your rights. You can fight their findings! Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone for a free consultation.

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