“Buzzed driving” carries the same dangers as drunk driving

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buzzed-driving-is-drunk-drivingHave you seen the latest billboards?  The new signs throughout the state equate “buzzed driving” with driving while under the influence.  What’s the point?  The intent is to caution individuals whose inclination is to get behind the wheel without being in total control.  Some states consider drunk driving a criminal offense.  In New Jersey, it is considered a traffic offense.  It is however a serious one with steep penalties.

What constitutes driving while intoxicated?  It involves operating a vehicle while under the influence of some type of drug or alcohol.  As it pertains to alcohol, the law is quite clear.  One may not operate a motor vehicle with more than a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 percent.  Obviously, this represents a number that requires a test for verification.  Many wonder how to determine their blood alcohol level before making the decision to get behind the wheel.

There are too many factors involved to accurately estimate one’s own blood alcohol concentration (BAC).  Obviously, the size and weight of a person are important components.  Generally, women will retain more alcohol in their systems.  Likewise, the type of alcohol will influence the ultimate BAC reading.  A twelve ounce bottle of beer, a five ounce glass of table wine and a one and a half ounce shot of most liquor contain approximately the same amount of alcohol.  Time is another consideration that affects BAC readings.  Alcohol that is consumed quickly will raise levels faster.  Of course, drinking on an empty stomach will cause further concerns.  In short, there is no easy formula to ensure that someone is drinking under the legal limits.  Perhaps it makes sense to pay heed to the warning against what may seem like simple “buzzed driving.”  It is senseless to take a risk the minute you feel slightly impaired.

Most people do not realize that they can be subject to a drunk driving arrest even if they did not drink a drop of alcohol themselves.  The law also puts responsibility on a person who allows someone else who is intoxicated to drive a vehicle they own or control.  Obviously, it is important to take over the wheel for both safety and the risk of criminal charges.

If you are arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated, it is important to see the advice of an attorney.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has over 25 years of experience in these matters.  Contact us for a free consultation by calling 201 963-6100.


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