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jersey city criminal defense attorney anthony carboneIt can happen to anyone. Just one simple mistake and the next thing you know you’re being arrested. You’re probably anxious and not sure what your next steps should be. Will you lose your job over this? Will you have to face jail time? And, most importantly, do you need a lawyer?

Facing a New Jersey courtroom alone without a criminal defense attorney on your side may lead to a devastating outcome. That’s why your first phone call should be to Jersey City criminal defense lawyer Anthony Carbone. For more than 26 years, Attorney Carbone has been handling all types of criminal cases throughout New Jersey. From a simple disorderly person offense to a complex felony charge, Attorney Carbone has defended anyone who has been accused of a crime.

Criminal Charges in New Jersey

Unlike other states, New Jersey classifies criminal offenses into three categories:

The most severe of these crimes are indictable offenses, where you can face at minimum one year in prison.

Within each offense, New Jersey then selects one of four degrees of severity of the crime. For example, if you were charged with a first-degree indictable crime, you could face up to 20 years in prison plus various fines. However, if you were charged with something such as shoplifting, you may be only facing a fourth-degree disorderly person offense which could be just a fine. Know what happens if you are arrested in Jersey City.

Types of Criminal Cases Anthony Carbone Handles

Jersey City attorney Anthony Carbone handles a variety of criminal offenses, such as:

Attorney Carbone is experienced with the criminal defense process. He will help you make the right move during your case to promote the best the outcome based on your individual case. He understands New Jersey criminal law and can determine what steps to take. He might be able to arrange for a plea bargain or complete dismissal of charges. He may be able to find flaws with the investigation of the case and he will suggest defense strategies that are specific to your case. And if you ever need to expunge your criminal record, he can assist you with that process.

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