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“I’m highly satisfied with my experience. Mr. Carbone has represented myself and some of my family members and I have always been pleased with the outcomes. He was with me every step of the way and explained to me what to expect and what the outcome might be. At the end of day, Mr. Carbone achieved the desired outcome and my case was dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney.” – Danna Hsia

“Best lawyer I’ve ever had. Thank you so much for the help, it’s greatly appreciated.” – Louis Hodle

Great lawyer, definitely would recommend. Mr. Carbone handled my case very professionally and with much compassion. He knows the law and he listens and fights for his client. His advice is sound and in the client’s best interest. I have absolute trust that when Anthony Carbone handles a case it will get done right. I would highly recommend Mr. Carbone. – Romani Goudha

Anthony and his associates are top notch! They are the go to law firm for any situation. Highly recommend! Thanks for all of your help over the years! – Chris Gibson

Mr. Tony Carbone is hands down the best lawyer you could have fight your case. I had an issue where someone swore I did something that I absolutely did not do and Tony fought for me every step of the way and we ultimately came out on top. If it wasn’t for Tony and his wonderful team doing what they did and getting this issue resolved it could have cost me a lot more than money. Thanks Tony. – Adam Gabriela

I hired Anthony Carbone to defend me in a case where I was facing charges that would follow me throughout the rest of my life. I am so grateful to have been represented by an attorney that took the time to sit and have a consultation with me and act upon his words. From the moment we spoke about the charges I was facing, I was put at ease knowing that I was in the hands of someone who had in the past excelled as an attorney and was more than knowledgeable of my rights. Walking into the courtroom I was confident that I would be leaving with nothing but positive results and I was right. Thank you so much for representing me the way an exceptional lawyer should. — Joelle Paris

Mr. Carbone is the best lawyer anyone could ever have! He was very good in getting my cases resolved in my favor. He fights hard for his clients. I had 2 cases, child custody and auto accident that I brought to him and he won both of them. He sits down with you and listens to your problem. He then puts his plan into effect. You can see that when he goes to court. I would recommend Mr. Carbone to anyone. He cares about his clients and he makes sure that they are satisfied. His office is very professional and understanding of your situation. Whenever you call his office the staff is very helpful in getting your questions answered. You will not leave his office unsatisfied. you won’t regret having him as your lawyer. — Dale Shah

It is very difficult to find an attorney that is both aggressive, effective, but still incredibly loyal and understanding to his clients. Mr. Carbone undoubtedly fits these characteristics and continuously proves to what extent he is willing to go to assure he wins your case. I have worked with Mr. Carbone on various cases, and have yet to be disappointed. I absolutely recommended him for any legal matters you may have -he really values your outcome, and although he’s all business in the courtroom, he genuinely cares about his clients’ situations. Hands down, the best!! — Rufina Bruno

Mr. Carbone has represented me on three personal injury cases as well as other cases. He has also represented my family on different matters. He was able to recover more than what I was even expecting for my accident cases. I appreciate his honest assessment and that he delivers what he promises. He has a no nonsense style and does not sugarcoat anything. I wanted an attorney that could represent me aggressively and fight for what I was entitled to and he did that. Through all the years that he has been representing me, it has become very clear to me that he works very hard to represent his clients and obtain good results. I will forever be grateful to him and his staff. — Mrs. Ebneter

Divorce is a difficult process at best. Anthony was there every step of the way for me and tried to keep a mentally straining part of my life from becoming overbearing. His commitment and responsiveness were a big help. — Aaron Schorr

I met Mr. Carbone after I interviewed a few lawyers in New Jersey to defend me on a case with my very bitter ex-husband. My ex-husband and his horrible mess of an attorney tried to settled the case with terrible terms on my child’s custody that I did not have to agree to. Mr. Carbone advised me very well and I did not agree to any of the terms and we ended up going to trial. Today, I celebrate winning the case and maintaining sole custody of my child. Very well recommended lawyer. — Rosalyn Bravo


My mother had an incident with our dog while we were at a wedding. A few months go by and we are served with a lawsuit. Not knowing what to do, we called Anthony Carbone. Being new home owners and expecting our first child we were scared, not knowing the potential outcome. Mr. Carbone was on it right away, he made sure we understood everything that was happening, and what our options were. The case was able to be settled for a reasonable amount and we now have peace of mind. We would recommend Mr. Carbone to anyone who needs legal help. Thank you Mr. Carbone! — Christine Taylor

I have been using Anthony Carbone since the 90s. He has proven to be the most experienced, professional, honest attorney you could ever hire. He will always give you options and he is straight and doesn’t sugar coat anything. I had him represent me in court one time and people in the court house were trying to hire him on the spot after seeing how good he really is. He also becomes a best friend along with the client/attorney relationship. I have recommended him and will continue to do so to anyone who needs legal representation. Thank you, Anthony, for all the help you have given my family and me over the years. Stay healthy and prosperous. I hope I won’t need you again but if I do at least I know I will get the best representation available. In closing, everyone I sent to Anthony has thanked me over and over. He makes me look better than Angie’s List. — Vinnie Buschi

Unfortunately, I have dealt with many attorneys with regard to my child support case. With one last attempt to collect thousands of dollars in arrears, I retained the services of Anthony Carbone, Esq. Finally, someone who actually cares. Mr. Carbone was with me step by step and after 13 years of failed attempts to collect from a deadbeat, Mr. Carbone prevailed for me in court. Not only does his professionalism speak for itself, but Mr. Carbone also cares about his clients on a personal level as well. Thank you Anthony for not giving up on me. Finally a victory!!! — Donna Vacca

Mr. Carbone has represented me on three personal injury cases as well as other cases. He has also represented my family on different matters. He was able to recover more than what I was even expecting for my accident cases. I appreciate his honest assessment and that he delivers what he promises. He has a no-nonsense style and does not sugarcoat anything. I wanted an attorney that could represent me aggressively and fight for what I was entitled to and he did that. Through all the years that he has been representing me, it has become very clear to me that he works very hard to represent his clients and obtain good results. I will forever be grateful to him and his staff. — Rosanna F.

Mr. Carbone is a GREAT attorney, my wife and I have utilized him in about 4 to 5 cases. His attention to detail and also to his client is superb. Every case that we had with him on our side have been a success. But also on Carbone’s team is his paralegal Autumn, she is without a doubt one of the best paralegal that I’ve seen. Her knowledge of the law is Superb. I totally believe that her hard work and expertise impacts Mr. Carbone office in a GREAT WAY. If for some reason Mr. Carbone was not able to appear in court for one reason or another, I would definitely feel VERY CONFIDENT having Autumn represent me even though she’s not a lawyer yet. Mr. Carbone, keep up the great work that you do, as well as for Autumn. — Noel and Vilma

When I had my accident in 2010 Mr. Carbone came to the rescue! He fought hard for me. I am very happy with the results of my case and I highly recommend this law firm! Thank you Mr. Carbone for everything you did for me! — Lori Clifford

I will highly recommend Mr Anthony Carbone to anyone seeking legal representation. The day I walked into his office and decided to retain Mr. Carbone to handle my personal affairs has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Recently I had two court cases, which both turned out to be in my favor and I know for a fact that I would have lost them both, had Mr Carbone not given me the opportunity to have his office represent me. He also has the most friendly and efficient staff that have, on occasion, made doctor and lab appointments for me. He has the ability to make me feel at ease during any legal discussions because he is so attentive. I will always feel confident with any legal matter I have in the future as long as Mr Carbone is my attorney. — Deborah Gilbert


Great, honest service. They make your concerns their concerns. Family. –A.B.

Mr. Carbone’s successful and accurate representation of my cases was critical to my career. The outputs of my professional endeavors are globally visible to the public, both domestically and internationally. I am the firm believer of if I haven’t done anything wrong, I should never get into trouble with the law, nor being shame of myself.Then my divorce started more than two years ago, not long after that, I have heard from DCPP, all the sudden, I was accused Child Sexual Abuse of my 7 years old boy, who is the most loved child in and out of the family. I thought to myself: what a desperate, topsy turvy attempt!! Somebody would sort this malicious nonsense out for me…I took it lightly, got a referral lawyer, who didn’t fight for me at all, only talked me into accepting the orders from the judge at the time, till the moment I have been ordered to pay for the lawyer of the opposite party, to fight to my weak lawyer!! That really woke me up and I realized my case was going down, and the treacherous smile of the accuser drove me furious so I thought I had to give some effort, finding somebody with professional strategy, and an uncorrupted sense of justice. So I went to the office of Anthony Carbone. Mr. Carbone is the only lawyer who didn’t rush me out of the “free consultation”. In fact, some lawyers even rushed me when I paid 400 dollars per hour for their consultation. Mr. Carbone listened to my story, and paid attention to all the facts. He took over my DCPP and divorce cases, he really worked into it, and turned the Child Sexual Abuse and divorce cases around. Firstly the major step in winning of the honoring of my prenuptial agreement, which the opposite party was challenging it, wanted to throw out the whole agreement. But she couldn’t!! And then we throw away/dismissed the topsy turvy Child Sexual Abuse case, the stunning way of the judge was seeing the truth, and very much on my side. In the end I ended up to sign the agreement with minimum alimony payout, and the very fair child support. My cases revealed to me that is vitally important to have a great lawyer like Mr. Carbone on my side. He really seeing the truth, turning the cases around, step by step, fighting very, really hard to the malicious accusation, bringing the justice back!! When somebody presumes that just about every woman gets a fortune out from their divorce, especially when they do not hesitate to use their most precious children, as their weapon in the divorce, and then they confront a lawyer like Mr. Carbone, so they have a nightmare instead of a fortune as their lifetime lesson. I am a practicing artist and a very satisfied client of Mr. Anthony Carbone. I appreciate his effective representation in the matters of my cases. Mr. Carbone examines the truth, in the sense of pursuing justice for paternity. — Paul Ching-Bor

I want to take the time out to give Mr.Carbone and his staff A Big Thank You For Handling My Case they were professional and very determined about getting to a settlement deal which only took a year. I Thank Mr.Carbone And His Staff especially Johanna For There utmost patience and very communicative skills on making sure I completed every appointment. If you looking for a great and passionate lawyer that’s determined to win your case then Mr.Carbone is Your Lawyer. I would give him more stars if I can thank you very much Mr.Carbone Word Around Town Is That He’s The Best Lawyer…👍👍💪💪– Tella Swizzy L-Dot

I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Mr. Carbone as an excellent lawyer and understanding man. I found myself on the verge of losing hope, yet the day I found Mr. Carbone, (a very casual day) my life took an 180-degree turn. His experience of dealing with many cases similar to mine and his willingness to share advice and strategy at the very first meeting, helped me stay on top of my game, to successfully win the child support case. Even with his busy schedule, my case was always treated very earnestly. I will never forget his kind gesture of reducing the overall amount I owed him. He specifically told me, “Keep the rest of your money and go buy yourself a turkey for Thanksgiving.” I could have never asked for a better lawyer than him. Mr. Carbone is the type of lawyer who will take his firm and astute attitude everywhere, particularly in court. I recommend Anthony Carbone without any hesitation. He tenido el gran placer de conocer al Sr. Carbone como un excelente abogado y como un hombre comprensivo. Me encontré a punto de perder la esperanza, sin embargo, el día que me encontré al señor Carbone, (un día muy casual) mi vida dio un giro de 180 grados. Su experiencia de tratar con muchos casos similares al mío y su voluntad de compartir consejos y la estrategia en la primera reunión, me ayudó a permanecer en la cima de mi juego, para ganar con éxito el caso de manutención. A pesar de su apretada agenda, mi caso siempre fue tratado con mucha diligencia. Nunca olvidaré su gesto amable de reducir la cantidad total que le debía. Me dijo específicamente: “manten el resto de tu dinero y ve a comprarte un pavo de Acción de Gracias.” Nunca podría haber pedido un mejor abogado que él. Sr. Carbone es el tipo de abogado que tomará su actitud firme y sagaz en todas partes, especialmente en los tribunales. Recomiendo Anthony Carbone sin ninguna duda. — Stephanie Trujillo

Anthony is such an amazing attorney, he is very good at helping those in need with their cases. He helps you in any way he can. My overall experience with him is a great one and I am very thankful in meeting such a great lawyer and person. I would highly recommend him to everyone I know. — Alberta Gonzalez

Mr. Carbone is a compassionate and understanding man. He along with his staff are the most dedicated people I have ever met. He listens and cares. He gets results 100 percent of the time, not like other lawyers. If I could, I would nominate him for best lawyer in New Jersey. — Jade Weinman

Anthony Carbone and staff are a pleasure. When I was a down and out single mother of three they kept me positive and secure that my kids were in their best interest. Anthony Carbone fought the best child support case and gave my kids a chance in being happy with their needs and wants…recommend his service… — Jane Lopez

Everyone in the office was very friendly. Mr. Carbone was very understanding when it came to my case and he worked diligently to obtain a verdict that was more than acceptable. He is very professional and very good at what he does. — Egrie Cignarella

Having gone through a case on my own, it was time to get a lawyer. Mr. Carbone’s name came up every time. And it was easy to understand why his name kept coming up. He was professional and wanted nothing less than a positive result for me. I highly recommend his services if you’re looking for a family law attorney.  — Robert Melendez

Great staff, always polite and makes you feel welcome. Highly recommended and will recommend them for whatever your case may be. Best wishes. — Felisha Cortez

I would definitely recommend Anthony Carbone Firm to anyone with legal issues. The office staff are very friendly and inviting. They are the best and really care about your problems. — Michelle Ranghel

I cannot endorse Anthony Carbone more highly! I am extremely satisfied with his services and could not have found a better attorney. He has handled three of my cases for me: a divorce, a workers’ compensation case, and a car accident case. I have won all three of these cases. He and his staff were always well-prepared and knowledgeable about the law. The were understanding and compassionate about my situation. Mr. Carbone took all the time I needed to make sure that I was successful. I recommend Mr. Carbone to anyone! You are in great hands. — Rob Saponara

I highly recommend him, he is my lawyer for more than 10 years. he handled my divorce in a short period of time, which I was really amazed. He also handled some other cases for me, like a car accident, slip and fall on ice injury and many others. Anthony is the best attorney to me, if you want a good representation in court he is the best choice. I am very grateful that he is my lawyer and the best of all he is a wonderful person as a human being and God bless you!!!! — Janina Franco


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