How to Deal with Insurance Companies In New Jersey

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Chances are, if you have been injured in an accident and deserve compensation for your injuries according to New Jersey law, the entity that owes you that compensation is an insurance company.

Car accidents are generally covered by mandatory auto insurance. Homeowners’ insurance, property owners’ insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance are other policies that many people buy to shield themselves and their companies from liability.

Don’t try to deal with insurance companies in New Jersey on your own. Contact us for a free confidential consultation with experienced Hudson County injury lawyer Anthony Carbone. If you have a valid claim against an insurance company, our Jersey City personal injury lawyer will represent you without charging legal fees until you get what you deserve.

Don’t Fall for Insurance Company Tricks

Insurance adjusters are in the business of avoiding paying out on claims. Insurance companies have a duty of good faith and fair dealing with their own policy holders, and they have legal responsibilities to people injured by the negligence of their policy holders. But they are also businesses, and it helps their bottom line if they can pay you less than you deserve.

Do not speak to insurance adjusters or anyone else from an insurance company about your accident. You are not required to give them a statement. You are not required to answer their questions. Your Jersey City accident lawyer can take care of all of this.

Insurance companies have dozens of ready-made arguments for why they should not pay you what you deserve and dozens of tricks to put off responding to your claim with a fair payment of the compensation you deserve.

Get an Experienced Advocate to Sort Out the Issues

Personal injury law, wrongful death law and workers’ compensation law involve difficult-to-understand legal concepts and complex standards where the outcome of a case can turn on a detail that wouldn’t even occur to the average person.

There may be multiple insurance companies with a stake in the outcome of your case. How do you know which one is ultimately responsible for paying you? You need an experienced Newark personal injury attorney on your side.

Hudson County injury lawyer Anthony Carbone will take on the insurance companies for you. He has the experience to tell when they are playing fair and when they are playing games. Contact us to get his 25 years of experience as a New Jersey personal injury attorney on your side. Call us at 201-829-3829.

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