When You Need Protection After Sexual Assault

Posted October 23rd, 2018 by .

Categories: Domestic Violence.

First, it was the “#MeToo” movement. This was further compounded by the recent confirmation hearings regarding the appointment of the latest Supreme Court justice. Whatever your political affiliations, there’s one thing for certain. Sexual assault is by far one of the most intrusive crimes known to mankind. If you’re a victim, there’s no doubt that […]

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Wishing to Remain Anonymous After Winning the Lottery

Posted October 22nd, 2018 by .

Categories: Legal Topics.

We all have fantasies about hitting the lottery, right? You can buy a new car, house, or pretty much whatever you want. Working may even become a thing of the past. As most of New Jersey has their eyes set on the $1.6 billion Mega Millions drawing on Tuesday night, the Law Offices of Anthony […]

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Indictable Crimes vs. Disorderly Persons Offenses: What’s the Difference?

Posted October 19th, 2018 by .

Categories: Criminal Defense.

It may have been a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe you didn’t realize what you were doing was considered illegal. Or perhaps you didn’t do it. Whatever the case may be, you are under arrest for a crime in New Jersey. You go to your hearing to […]

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Why Was a Restraining Order Even Entered in this Case?

Posted October 18th, 2018 by .

Categories: Domestic Violence.

We hate to make this personal. However, you might want to consider this scenario. You and your wife have a blowout fight. She throws a glass figurine at you, and you wind up needing stitches just above your eyebrow. It’s not the first time she’s assaulted you, and you’re fearful that it will happen again. […]

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Can Parents (Legally) Remove Their Adult Child from Their Home?

Posted October 17th, 2018 by .

Categories: Family Law.

After graduating from high school, getting a car, and turning 18, your child has finally reached adulthood. However, your plans to turn your kid’s room into a man cave might have to be put on hold. He says he plans on staying, even against your own wishes. This situation leads to an interesting question – […]

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Slip and Fall Season Is Almost Here

Posted October 16th, 2018 by .

Categories: Slip and Falls.

The crisp fall air and colorful leaves found on the trees across the Garden State means only one thing. Winter is on its way, and it’s likely going to pack a punch. Now that we broke the unfortunate but inevitable news, it’s time to start thinking about the dangers that come with snow and ice […]

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Domestic Violence Risk Assessments: What You Need to Know

Posted October 15th, 2018 by .

Categories: Domestic Violence.

Did you know? Just about a year ago, the State of New Jersey came out with a new directive to all law enforcement executives.  In finding that domestic violence risk assessments are critical, the Attorney General’s office set up a scoring system. The tool is essential in evaluating situations – and may prove useful in […]

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Lewdness is Considered Domestic Violence in NJ

Posted October 12th, 2018 by .

Categories: Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence is a heinous crime. For the victims, it’s easier to pretend like nothing has happened to them rather than confront the problem head-on. As part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone is bringing to light domestic abuse in New Jersey and ways to combat it. The New Jersey […]

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No Better Way to Describe It: You Were Hurt in a “Waving Accident”

Posted October 11th, 2018 by .

Categories: Auto Accidents.

On first glance, you might be a bit puzzled. Does a “waving accident” have something to do with hands making contact after a greeting? Absolutely not. Instead, it has everything to do with a motor vehicle operator waving on another driver – and adding to the cause of a car crash. Truth be told, the […]

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The Facts of Sexual Assault in New Jersey

Posted October 10th, 2018 by .

Categories: Personal Injury.

With the recent confirmation hearing for the new U.S. Supreme Court Justice to the conviction of Billy Cosby to the ongoing #MeToo movement, sexual assault has become a hot-button issue in this country. Women from coast to coast have been bravely coming forward to tell their stories and to support the victims of this heinous […]

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