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Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Claims in New Jersey

Injury attorney Anthony Carbone answers some of the most common questions he gets about personal injury claims. Click on any of the questions below.

What does personal injury law govern?

Personal injury law in New Jersey governs any type of injury sustained by someone else’s negligence or direct actions. In other words, if you are injured by someone else’s action or inaction, you have sustained a personal injury.

Personal injury law deals with determining fault in injury cases and awarding compensation to the injured person as provided for by law. Not every personal injury case results in awarded compensation, so you should meet with Anthony Carbone, P.C., for a free initial consultation to determine whether or not your injury may be eligible for compensation.

What are some common types of personal injury?

There are many types of personal injury and they can range from slip and fall injuries to wrongful death. Each type of injury is unique and each case has its own implications and details surrounding it. Some of the more common types of personal injury include:

What should I do if I sustain a personal injury?

If you are injured through someone else’s actions or negligence, you should contact a personal injury attorney immediately. An experienced Jersey City personal injury lawyer can listen to the circumstances of your injury and let you know what steps you should take immediately to protect your rights in the future.

You may also want to work with a qualified physician who can ascertain what type of injury you have sustained and document the injury to have on file for your case. Other types of experts may also be able to help, and our New Jersey personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, P.C., may contact additional sources to help.

Finally, you should write down everything you can remember about the circumstances surrounding your personal injury, and keep the information handy so you can refer to it when it is needed. There is a good likelihood that your case will not come to a hearing or court for several weeks or months, by which time your memory of the incident may not be as clear as it is now.

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