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new jersey workers compensation lawyer anthony carboneWorkers’ compensation attorney Anthony Carbone has spent three decades fighting for the rights of his clients after a workplace accident. Our award-winning workplace injury lawyer will take the time to make sure you understand what legal options are available to you and how the workers’ compensation system works in New Jersey. His record speaks for itself — rest assured we will make sure you receive the best benefits possible for your injury.

Workers’ Compensation in NJ: What You Need to Know

If you are a victim of a workplace accident, your first and only concern may be what will happen now that you’re out of work. And with New Jersey’s complicated workers’ compensation laws, it’s easy to miss something crucial when filling out the claim form. When you are counting on these funds to pay your medical bills and living expenses, the last thing you need is a denied claim.

According to New Jersey law, anyone who suffered a job-related accident or injury, your employer’s insurance will investigate your claim and determine as to whether you are eligible to receive benefits. If for some reason the insurance company denies your claim, you do have the option to appeal to New Jersey’s Division of Workers’ Compensation.

If your claim is approved, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Lost Wages: If you are unable to perform your job after the accident, you will be entitled to temporary disability benefits for a maximum of 400 weeks (approximately 7 and a half years). The benefits are based on 70 percent of the injured.
  • Medical Treatment: The employer’s insurance will pay for any medical treatment you need following the accident, including physical therapy and medical devices. However, you must select a health care provider who has been approved by the insurance company. The only exception to this rule is if it’s an emergency, your employer refuses to provide medical treatment, or the employer instructs the worker to choose the doctor.
  • Death Benefits: Also known as Survivor Benefits, if a loved one dies in a workplace accident, the worker’s dependents are entitled to death benefits. The worker’s medical treatment and burial arrangements will also be paid.

You may also receive benefits from a pre-existing condition. However, you will need to prove that the illness was made worse during your employment. If you are filling out your workers’ compensation claim without the assistance of an attorney, this can be difficult to prove, or you may not even consider claiming this injury. If this is happening to you, it’s time to contact our experienced Jersey City workers compensation attorney to help you with your claim.

What to Do After Being Injured on the Job

What you do after your accident is crucial to your case. By not following these steps, you may risk your workers’ compensation claim.

  • Let your supervisor and employer know as soon as possible that you were in a workplace accident. Even if you think you are uninjured, you may start feeling the effects a few days afterward.
  • Seek medical attention. The physician will determine whether you should be working. Remember, it is the doctor’s medical decision, not your employer’s, as to when you can return to work.
  • Make sure you keep all records about your accident. Such files include a history of all your medical visits, getting any witness accounts, photos of the accident scene, and any documents that involve your claim.
  • Also, keep an eye on your deadlines. By missing the time limit to file a claim, you can lose out on receiving benefits.

Get the Right Result for Your Jersey City Workers’ Comp Claim

Our Jersey City workers’ compensation attorney will work hard to make sure of a winning outcome for your claim. It’s not uncommon for a settlement in these matters. However, it all depends on the extent of your injuries, your prognosis for the long term, and your circumstances.

It can be complicated to deal with matters involving the law without the right attorney by your side. It takes a dedicated lawyer with the right mixture of experience and know-how to make sure your case has a successful conclusion. And you can count on the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to get you the result you deserve.

If you’ve been injured at work and received a denial for workers’ compensation benefits, New Jersey workers compensation attorney Anthony Carbone is ready to fight on your behalf. We are ready to explain the workers’ compensation program to you.  Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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