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new jersey workers compensation attorney anthony carboneOne of the things you shouldn’t have to worry about is paying your bills after an injury at work. But let’s say you do get injured. You spend weeks in the hospital recovering. You won’t be able to return to work for some time. And the next thing you know, your workers compensation claim was denied. Or maybe your employer is denying you were injured while at work. Whatever the case may be, you’re panicking. How will you pay your bills? Maybe it’s time you contact an experienced New Jersey workers comp attorney to help you with your situation.

Jersey City workers compensation lawyer Anthony Carbone understands the anxiety you may be feeling at this time. For the past 27 years, he’s been fighting for the rights of injured workers throughout New Jersey. Whether your employer is fighting your workers comp claim or you were denied funds, our works comp lawyer is prepared to represent you in the courtroom and make sure you get the compensation that you deserve.

What is Workers Compensation?

In New Jersey, workmans’ comp pays not only your medical bills but a portion of your regular wages if you are temporarily out of work. It also pays a lump sum or monthly benefits for total disability, a permanent partial disability, disfigurement, or the workplace death of a loved one. You can collect workers compensation for any injury suffered in the normal course of your work duties — even if your own negligence led to the accident.

In order to receive compensation, you must first be treated by your employer-approved doctor. However, if you do not agree with the doctor’s opinion, you do have the right to seek a second opinion from a doctor of your choice.

Also know that you cannot directly sue your employer or co-workers for your workplace accident. However, you can sue for serious injury caused by the negligence of a third party. It’s best to speak with an experienced workers compensation attorney before considering this option.

Why Do I Need a Workers Compensation Attorney?

Workers compensation benefits can provide the following to an injured worker:

  • Medical treatment
  • Temporary disability if you are out of work for more than eight days
  • Permanent disability if your injury is permanent

The workers compensation process can be extremely complicated. It’s easy for your claim to be denied if you make the littlest error. Learn more about why workers compensation claims can be denied in New Jersey.

Sometimes, the insurance company may try to make you voluntarily pay for your treatment or won’t fully compensate you for your injuries. It may even try to get you back to work when you’re clearly still in pain. This is why it’s important to have a workers compensation attorney by your side.

Let Us Put Our Experience to Work for You

New Jersey workers compensation attorney Anthony Carbone has handled hundreds of workers compensation claims in more than 26 years of practice. He knows how to get clients approved for disability benefits and can help you understand what to do after your workplace accident.

Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone for a free consultation with our Jersey City workers compensation lawyer. We are located very close to the Journal Square train station, and take evening and weekend appointments. Since many of our clients are Latino, we have Spanish speakers on staff.

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