Can I refuse light duty and stay on workers’ compensation in Jersey City, NJ?

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You recently got hurt while on the job. You began collecting workers’ compensation and began healing. Soon your employer is telling you it’s time to come back to work.  And sure enough, your doctor feels you can return for light duty. But you don’t feel like you’re ready just yet. Can you refuse and stay on workers’ compensation?

First, be aware that the decision to return to work is your doctor’s and not your employer’s. If your employer is demanding that you return to work despite what your doctor is saying, you have every right to refuse. However, if your doctor says it’s time to go back to work, and you don’t feel like you’re ready, you might want to discuss it with your doctor. Otherwise, it’s time to go back.

Also remember that your employer does not have to offer light duty work to you. If your employer doesn’t have any light work for you to do, you will start receiving temporary disability benefits until your doctor says you are healthy enough to return to work.

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