I must go to IDRC. What is that?

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You should know better. After a few drinks at the bar, you decided to drive home. You were already arrested once on a DUI but you live only a few blocks away. Surely, they can’t stop you from here to there. But alas, the police see you weaving in the road and stop you. You arrested for DUI. Your punishment not only includes prison time and a loss of your license, but you also must go to the IDRC for 12-48 hours of instruction. What is the IDRC?

In New Jersey, every county has an Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center. When you are arrested for driving under the influence, you will be ordered to attend an alcohol and highway safety education program at this center. You will also be evaluated by the staff to see if whether you have an alcohol or drug problem. If the center staff determines that you need additional treatment, you will be referred to the proper provider. In addition, the center will monitor your activities to make sure you are complying. If the staff feels you aren’t complying, then the center will report you to the courts as well as Motor Vehicle Services. At that point your license can be suspended for a longer period of time and you may see an added jail sentence.

The moral of the story is don’t drink and drive.

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