What benefits can I receive if I can’t work because of an injury?

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workers-compensation-benefits-lawyer-anthony-carboneWhile you are on the job, you injure your shoulder after lifting a heavy box. You tell your employer about your injury and go seek medical attention. Although the doctor says you are unable to return to work until your injury heals, your employer says the injury was not work related and refuses to pay. What do you next?

First, if your employer is refusing to pay what clearly is a work-related injury, call the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone straight away. We’ll help file a workers’ compensation claim with the state and, if necessary, battle your case in court against your employer to get the money that you deserve.

According to the New Jersey Workers Compensation Act, if you are injured on the job and are out of work for a period of time, you are eligible to receive Temporary Total Disability Benefits until you return to work. These benefits begin on the eighth consecutive day you are out of work and last for maximum of 26 months or 400 weeks. If your employer refuses to pay these total benefits, you can contact the state’s Temporary Disability Bureau directly.

The benefits do not pay your complete weekly earnings. You will probably receive about 70 percent of your gross weekly earnings. In order to receive the benefits, all you need is a doctor who is keeping you out of work for medical reasons. If, for whatever reason, your injury keeps you from your job longer than 26 months, you may consider applying for Social Security disability.

Have you been injured while on the job? We can help you! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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