Can a Bar Be Held Responsible for an Act of Violence?

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gun violence anthony carboneOnce again, violence has made its way back on Jersey City streets. There have been two recent shootings on West Side Avenue which have left one man dead and two others injured. Since the shootings happened late at night, many are blaming a local bar for the cause of the recent violence, something the bar employees are denying.

This situation brings up an interesting legal question: What is the responsibility of a bar when it comes to shootings? We all know about the recent violence that occurred at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. It’s a tragic event that should have never taken place. But could the nightclub be responsible for what occurred?

In a legal sense, a bar or nightclub can be held responsible for a violent encounter – however, you must prove that the bar was negligent, which lead to the violent act. As premises liability tells us, the owners of the property, be it a homeowner or a bar owner, has the duty to keep his/her property safe from harm. In the case of a bar, this means the bar employees have a duty to refuse to serve alcohol to a clearly intoxicated patron. In addition, the bar must provide security, such as a bouncer, to keep its customers safe. Since the Orlando nightclub had proper security in place, there was no way for the owners to stop the awful violence that was committed there.

Unfortunately, violent things happen to good people and it can happen within a blink of an eye. We all need to be careful these days when going out to have a good time, even if it’s going down to a local tavern for a beer or two.

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