Some Common Errors That Lead to a Medical Malpractice Suit

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As we previously learned, medical malpractice is caused when the medical professional fails to provide proper health care treatment, causing harm to the patient. We all know that doctors and nurses are human and are bound to make mistakes. But sometimes, errors happen more often than others which can fall under a medical malpractice error.

But what kind of errors are we talking about? Well, here are the most common errors that can lead to a medical malpractice lawsuit:
  • A misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis – by a delay in a diagnosis, this will cause a patient to miss much-needed treatment. In order to prove medical malpractice is by comparing what the doctor had done as compared to other medical professionals.
  • Childbirth injuries – These include brain injuries, which lead to seizure disorders and cerebral palsy, fractured bones, or neglect in prenatal care (failure to diagnose a mother’s medical condition; failure to identify birth defects, etc.).
  • Errors in medication – such as an incorrect dosage, the wrong amount given to the patient, and malfunctions in drug administration equipment
  • Errors in anesthesia – This would include a failure to look for complications in the patient’s history; failure to inform the patient of the risks involved; too much anesthesia given to the patient; failure to monitor vital signs; and using defective equipment or not using the equipment properly.
  • Errors in surgery – Such errors include leaving medical equipment in the patient or operating on the wrong body party. This can also include negligence in post-op care such as infection.
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