A Jersey City Insurance Adjuster Just Called Me. What Do I Do?

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Categories: Auto Accidents.

You just got into a car accident. Your car has been totaled and you injured your arm. Just your luck, right? You call your insurance company to file a claim. A couple of weeks later, you receive a phone call from an insurance adjuster. He wants you to give a statement about what happened. What do you do?

What you should do is call the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC. You should never speak with an insurance adjuster without your lawyer present. “What is an insurance adjuster?” you might ask. Also known as a claims adjuster, this person is hired by your insurance company to access any damage that was reported by the company’s client after an accident. He/she will look at the police report, look at the property damaged, and ask you questions about the incident. The adjuster does this in order to determine how much the insurance company should give you.

The role of the adjuster is suppose to be impartial — he/she should only be concerned with the facts of the case. So why shouldn’t you talk to this person on your own? The insurance adjuster is there to get you what you deserve, correct? Not necessarily. Remember, the insurance adjuster is working for your insurance company and as well all know, insurance companies don’t like to give away money. So how impartial can this person be?

So instead of talking with the insurance adjuster, contact Jersey City personal injury attorney Anthony Carbone for a free consultation. He knows how to handle the insurance companies. For more information on what to do after an accident, click here.

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