Is it Illegal to Ride in a Car With an Unlicensed Driver?

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assault by auto law offices of anthony carboneSometimes circumstances arise when you have to ride in an vehicle with an unlicensed driver. It may be because the driver is an illegal immigrant who can’t get a license. Or it maybe a teenager who only has a learner’s permit. Whatever the case may be, you may be wondering whether riding in car with an unlicensed driver can be an illegal act. What will happen if the police pull you over? More importantly, what happens if you get into a car accident?

Believe it or not, it is not illegal to be riding in a car with an unlicensed driver unless the vehicle is yours. Even then, you will only receive a fine for letting someone operate your vehicle without a license. However, if the unlicensed driver gets into an accident while you are in the vehicle, that’s a different story. Here’s the scenario: You’ve been drinking a little too much and don’t want to drive home. Your friend offers to drive you, even though she doesn’t have a license. On your ride home, your friend loses control of the car and crashes into a tree. You are injured and taken to the hospital. So what happens next?

Because the operator of the vehicle did not have a license, this means that any insurance on the vehicle will not cover your injuries, especially if the unlicensed driver had been driving your vehicle at the time. However, if the unlicensed driver is a member of your household, such as a teen just learning to drive, then there may be a possibility that person is on your insurance and then your injuries are covered. Check with your insurance company before letting an unlicensed family member to drive the car.

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