N.J.S.A. 2C:20-35 – Definitions, Jersey City, NJ

2C:20-35 Definitions

1. As used in this act:

“ATP card” means a document issued by a State or federal agency, to a certified household, to show the food stamp allotment a household is authorized to receive on presentation.

“Benefit card” means a card used or intended for use to access Work First New Jersey, food stamp or other benefits as determined by the Commissioner of Human Services under the electronic benefit distribution system established pursuant to the “Public Assistance Electronic Benefit Distribution System Act,” P.L.1985, c.501 (C.44:10-5.1 et seq.) and continued pursuant to P.L.1997, c.37 (C.44:10-71 et al.).

“Department” means the Department of Human Services.

“Food stamp coupon” means any coupon or stamp used or intended for use in the purchase of food pursuant to the federal food stamp program authorized by Title XIII of the “Food and Agriculture Act of 1977,” Pub.L.95-113 (7 U.S.C.s.2011 et seq.), or the New Jersey Supplementary Food Stamp Program established pursuant to P.L.1998, c.32 (C.44:10-79 et al.).

L.1993,c.13,s.1; amended 1995, c.215, s.1; 1997, c.37, s.8; 1998, c.32, s.7.

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