What You Need to Know about Teen Drivers in NJ

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teen drivers law offices of anthony carboneIf you’re the parent of a teen driver, there’s one thing you already know. Even if you don’t give your child access to your car, your insurance premiums may suddenly skyrocket. The increased bill generally comes the moment your teen passes the written test and starts out with a learner’s permit.

No doubt you have your own apprehensions when it comes to your teen getting behind the wheel. And, if you’re participating in driving lessons, you will quickly understand the need for adequate insurance coverage.

Back in 2010, New Jersey laws changed with regards to teenage drivers. And, apparently with good cause. According to a tally of 2009 statistics, fatal car accidents were the number one cause of death among teens. In that year alone, there were more than 47,000 crashes that involved a teenage driver behind the wheel. Presumably, many included injuries to the driver, passengers or others involved in the accident.

Teen Drivers and Motor Vehicle Crashes

As a result of the risks associated with younger drivers behind the wheel, New Jersey instituted a Graduated Driver’s License program. You may already know some of the conditions of the program, but it doesn’t hurt to review the link to go over your concerns. Graduated driver’s licenses are required for all motor vehicle operators under the age of 21.

More than likely, you can already guess the two top reasons that teen drivers are a greater risk behind the wheel. Obviously, the first is inexperience. Notwithstanding, there is a significant problem with distracted driving.

A number of car manufacturers have done their best to combat distracted driving. Many have equipped vehicles with Bluetooth capabilities so that drivers don’t use handheld devices. Additionally, some passenger vehicles also can read and send text messages. Nevertheless, it can take even a simple turn of a radio dial to distract an experienced driver.

With that in mind, what do the latest statistics show? According to one news station, the change in weather accounts for an increase in numbers. That is, as far as accidents involving teenage drivers. In fact, the escalation of teenage motor vehicle operator involved in crashes is so bad as the months change, that it’s been dubbed the “100 deadliest days of summer.”

According to the cited reports, eight people under age 20 have already died in motor vehicle crashes in New Jersey. Last year, a total of 34 suffered fatalities. One can only hope the numbers do not exceed that level by the end of the year.

You can guess some of the reasons that there are more accidents involving teens in the summer months. For starters, they are not in the classroom. This allows more time to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, some will not recognize the power they hold the minute they start up their cars.

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