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Employers across every state are expected to offer a relatively healthy and secure work atmosphere for their workers. However, employers often neglect to perform this responsibility, resulting in workers sustaining injuries. But even though every attempt is made to keep the job environment secure, workers can still be hurt at work.

These injuries can range from aggravated pre-existing conditions to broken bones, psychological conditions, and even occupational disorders. Every state has some scheme in place to assist workers who have been injured on the job.

How Would You Protect Your Rights If You Sustain Work-Related Injuries?

  •   Notify your employer about the injury

It is the most effective and perhaps the simplest way to safeguard your legal rights. Most states necessitate you to report the incident under a particular time frame, either the same day or several days following the accident. It might not always be practicable based on the situation of your injury, but it is vital to document the incident as soon as possible.

  •    Pursue a claim through an industrial or workers’ compensation court

 Again, this serves as official notification of your injuries to the jury, your employer, and the responsible insurance provider.

  •   Seek legal counsel 

If you have sustained injuries at work in New Jersey, it is a good idea to seek expert help. An experienced Bayonne Personal Injury Attorney at The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone will help you safeguard your rights and promote your interests.

What Are Your Rights After Personal Injury At Work?

Workers’ compensation policies differ significantly from one state to the next. The rights granted to an injured worker vary greatly, and so do the various legal processes that guarantee those rights.

Nevertheless, several legal rights are prevalent in many states, including:

  • The right to make a claim for your sickness or accident in a state industrial or an occupational court
  • The right to visit a physician and seek medical attention
  • The right to resume work if your physician allows it
  • The right to some form of disability reimbursement if you cannot continue working because of your illness or injury
  • The right to plead any decision by a jury or insurance provider that does not serve your best interests
  • The right to obtain an attorney’s counsel through the entire claim process

As a worker, knowing your rights also helps you determine when to accept or reject offers or demands. For instance, you can deny the initial request that the insurance provider resents you if they do not fully cover your recovery.

And it is illegal for your employer to attempt to convince you not to file a workers’ compensation claim. You have the freedom to refuse! State laws highlight that you can file a workers’ compensation claim with no fear of harassment or retaliation by your boss. If your boss makes it impossible for you to exercise such rights freely, the fines levied against the employer may be serious.

Find out more regarding your legal rights and options following a personal injury at work by contacting the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone. The skilled lawyers will work relentlessly to ensure you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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