Injured by Rideshare Driver Uber/Lyft What Do You Do?

People that are injured in Uber and Lyft cases, those cases are just increasing every day. People that were injured while they were in an Uber or a Lyft or any other rideshare and they really don’t understand what rights they have. They don’t understand if they can bring a lawsuit. They don’t understand if they can bring a case if they’re injured. They don’t understand who’s going to pay their medical bills.

These are all valid questions and people come to me every day with these cases and we explain to them what we can do for them, what we can’t do for them. So there’s a lot to know with Uber cases, Lyft cases and especially with Uber, they’ve gone through different insurance carriers over the past couple of years.

I think I’ve seen now three, four different insurance carriers that they used and there are three, four different policies that each carrier had for those Uber drivers.

So the negligence law still pertains the same way. The difference between somebody that was involved in an Uber or a Lyft accident could be how those medical bills get paid and that’s a really critical point because, you know, if you’re injured in an accident, you really don’t want to incur medical bills and have no way of paying them.

So it’s important if you’re injured and you get hurt while being a passenger in an Uber or a Lyft vehicle to call me. Call a lawyer like me that handles these cases that can tell you and help you navigate through this way and that we can help you get some treatment and get you money for the pain and suffering that you deserve.

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