What Classifies as a Construction Accident?

As we are sitting here shooting these videos, my office is in Jersey City. I’m right across the street from the courthouse. Right across the street from me on the other corner here is going to be the new courthouse they’ve been doing construction on this new courthouse now for about 6 months and they’ll probably continue for another 2 and a half years.

So what happens with the construction accident injury? So last week as they were doing some welding, somehow, a spark from the weld caught some of the propane gas then that caused the fire and next thing we know, flames were shooting out of this new courthouse and the Fire Department was dispatched.

So if you were injured as a result of that fire, that’s a construction accident. So the accident doesn’t have to be anything that you did. It could be something that somebody else did. But as long as it happened on the job and you were on the job working, you have compensation and you’re entitled to compensation for any injury that you sustained from that.

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