What Types of Personal Injury Cases Exist?

So, personal injury occurs either with a negligent act or an intentional act. So you have to identify first, did the defendant act negligently or did the defendant act intentionally? Because there’s a huge variants between whether somebody acted negligently or intentionally, and there are also questions of coverage, whether there is insurance coverage for somebody that acted negligently or acted intentionally.

Most personal injury cases that we handle either are car accidents, slip and falls, trip and falls, worker comp cases, dog bite cases are the most common. Those are the most common cases that we have. So there is a lot of different varieties of personal injury cases, and that’s why it’s really critical that you identify what kind of case you have, let’s identify whether it’s a negligence case or intentional case, let’s identify the coverage, and then finally, let’s identify of this lawyer who you want to handle that case has experience handling those cases.

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