Premises Liability Part IV: Restaurant Fall down Accidents

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restaurant-fall-down-accident-anthony-carboneFalling at a restaurant can be more than an inconvenience.  It can be the cause for some very alarming injuries.  In Part IV of our Series on Premises Liability, we’ll go over five important things you need to know about restaurant fall down accidents.

Fast food chains.  The local luncheonette.  Restaurants with white glove table service.  A slip and fall accident can occur in any of these establishments.  It’s conceivable for restaurant patrons to slip and fall on slippery substances on the floor.  Some may trip and fall on torn carpet or broken tiles.  Others may fall down on their way to start or leave their dining experience.  Poor lighting is sometimes cited as a contributing factor to slip and fall accidents at restaurants.

Five Things to Know About Falling at a Restaurant

  1. The Restaurant may Deny Your Fall: Even if you do not initially feel that you were severely injured, ask to speak with the restaurant manager. Make a formal report.  If you later discover that you are in pain and need medical treatment, you will benefit from a record of your accident.  If you are not offered a copy of the incident report, consider photographing it.
  2. The Property Owner: Although some fast food chains may appear to be corporately owned, many are franchises. The same is true for restaurants who do business as (DBA) as a trade name.  An experienced personal injury attorney will look into the identity of the property owners but will need you to provide basic information.  This would include the restaurant’s name and location.
  3. Leased Property: Did the incident occur on leased premises?  If this is the case, it will be necessary to secure the lease agreement between the property owner and lessee.  This will provide valuable information concerning the pursuit of a premises liability claim.
  4. Recorded Statements: After a fall down accident at a restaurant, the owners will pass on your information to their insurance company. You may receive a phone call asking that you give a statement.  This is not to your benefit without the presence of legal counsel.  You are not obligated to comply with the request.
  5. Evidence: You would be surprised at what might be considered evidence in a fall down accident. You should do your best to document the scene and obtain names of witnesses.  You may later be questioned about your footwear or damages to your clothing.  It might be beneficial to take photographs of your apparel at the time of the accident.

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Slip and fall down accidents of any kind can cause all degrees of injuries.  In order to pursue a claim for premises liability, it is important to establish the culpable parties.  The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has handled these types of claims for over two decades.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment so that we can begin working on your behalf.

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