Premises Liability Wrap Up: Beyond Slip and Fall Accidents

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premises-liability-blog-series-anthony-carboneToday, we conclude our ongoing series on premises liability claims.  We have given a great deal of attention to slip and fall accidents.  However, there are other types of accidents that are considered premises liability actions.  Let’s take a look at some.

It’s easy to understand the basis of a premises liability claim.  Property owners have some inherent responsibilities concerning maintenance and management of their premises.  At the very least, they have a duty to take care of dangerous conditions on a timely basis.  Sometimes the property owner may delegate these duties to a tenant.  An outside contractor may also be assigned duties related to cleanup or security.  As part of an investigation of a premises liability claim, an experienced personal injury attorney will seek to determine the parties who breached their duty.

Hazardous Conditions that Represent Premises Liability Claims

If you’ve been injured because in a slip and fall or trip and fall accident, you’ll want to see if someone else’s actions or inactions caused the incident.  We’ve established that there are other types of premises liability accidents.  What are they?

  • Attractive nuisances: You might want to take a look at our recent article on attractive nuisance claims.  If your child was drawn to something considered an attractive nuisance, you may be able to pursue a claim on his or her behalf.  An example of this would be falling into a swimming pool that was not fenced off in accordance with the law.
  • Dog bites: There are specific laws regarding dog ownership and dog bites.  Someone who has suffered a dog bite may also have a premises liability claim.
  • Inadequate security: If a property owner or business establishment negligently fails to provide adequate security and you are injured on their property, you may be able to pursue a premises liability claim. This could include injuries related to criminal activity.  This type of case would require determination of the duty to provide security on the premises.
  • Hazardous material exposure: More than likely you know that certain hazardous materials can cause serious injuries. For example, those who are exposed to asbestos may have a premises liability claim.
  • Building collapse: Obviously, a building collapse can result in severe injuries or even death. An investigation would seek to reveal the responsible parties responsible for this type of accident.

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