A rash of shootings has plagued Jersey City. What can be done?

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gun-violence-jersey-cityIn the past week, a rash of violence has broken out on the streets of Jersey City. Earlier this week, rookie police officer Melvin Santiago was shot and killed in the line of duty. Two people were taken to the hospital after being shot yesterday afternoon. And a man was shot after attacking an officer inside his vehicle. What is going on?

According to recent reports, shootings have dropped in Jersey City by 22 percent — however murder is on the rise, from 18 in 2011 to 22 in 2013. There have been 15 murders already in 2014. Has anything been done to prevent this violence? Residents have reported an increase in police presence which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Recently a gun control bill was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie that would have reduced the size of ammunition magazines from 15 rounds to 10, a bill that had the support of gun control advocates which included parents from two children that were killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting. According to Christie, this bill would have done nothing to prevent further gun violence. Could a smaller ammunition magazine prevented the death of Officer Santiago? Perhaps not, but anything at this point is the step in the right direction.

Gun violence is hard to protect yourself from, especially if you are victim of a crime. Nearly 100,000 people are victims of gun violence every year. It’s time to find a solution.

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