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Most of us, when we think of resolving a lawsuit, imagine a dramatic courtroom scene in which both lawyers make desperate pleas to a jury full of studious and reasoned individuals. However, the vast majority of personal injury cases are resolved through other means than a jury trial. Here are some of the ways it can go down.

Settlement: A settlement is probably the most common way that personal injury cases are resolved. Often, the potential defendant will attempt to stop your personal injury case before it begins by offering a settlement right off the bat. Before taking any settlement, it’s important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can tell you whether the settlement is reasonable for you.

A settlement can occur at any point in the case. Many settlements are offered only after a trial has begun, once a defendant realizes how potentially damaging public testimony in the case may be.

Arbitration and mediation: Arbitration is when all parties to a personal injury case sit down with an arbitrator who will examine the facts and come up with a solution that is designed to reflect a just outcome in the case. Arbitration can be binding or nonbinding. In binding arbitration, all parties agree to abide by the solution designed by the arbitrator. Mediation is similar to arbitration, but a mediator works more to facilitate the disputing parties to come to their own solution.

Trial: When other methods have failed to bring about a resolution that both parties can (or must) accept, a trial is used to resolve a personal injury case. Trials can be jury trials or trials before a judge, depending on the type of case and the preferences expressed by the disputing parties.

Although there are many ways to get there, the key to any successful resolution of a personal injury case is that you get the compensation you deserve. At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, PC, we are prepared to pursue any and all resolution methods we feel will get you the best result in your case. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

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