Slip and Fall Accidents Inside a Shopping Mall

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Slip and Fall Accidents Inside a Shopping MallAt the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we stress awareness when it comes to slip and fall accidents in New Jersey. We’ve represented many slip and fall injury claims, ranging from falls that occurred on icy sidewalks to beer-soaked bar floors. These accidents can happen anywhere at any time, especially in a shopping mall.

When slip and fall accidents occur in New Jersey shopping malls, such as the Hudson Mall or Newport Centre, there is a varying degree of incidents that could lead to injuries. These incidents can include falling over unknown debris that might be in your path, which might typically include merchandise that fell from shelves or food/drink that was dropped by customers.

If something like this were to happen to you, then it’s presumed the shopping mall is liable for your injuries. Is that really true? Let’s explain.

Slip and Fall Accidents Inside a Shopping MallLiability for Shopping Mall Slip and Fall Accidents

As you might have assumed, the owner of the shopping mall is liable for your injuries. Here’s the caveat – only if the injuries were caused by the actions of the shopping mall. That’s a rather common occurrence compared to the alternative, which are injuries caused by the negligence of the customer or patron. In New Jersey, as in all states, there are strict guidelines as to customer safety in shopping malls.

There’s more. If a slip and fall accident happened in a specific store, that store would be responsible and not the shopping mall. For the mall to be solely responsible, the injury would have to happen on their property and not the store’s property.

Those who are injured can file a personal injury claim to receive compensation for their injuries, which can be in the form of medical bills and possible time missed from work.

More on How a Mall Slip and Fall Accident Might Happen

Slip and Fall Accidents Inside a Shopping MallWhile we broached the subject earlier, shopping mall slip and fall accidents can happen in many ways. One of the most common accidents is one we didn’t mention up above — accidents that occur in shopping mall parking lots. These types of slip and fall accidents can happen because of unkept pavement or any threats or hazards, like garbage or weather, that could cause an accident.

When inside the mall, customers are more at risk. Incidents that could lead to injury can stem from:

  • Puddles that have been formed by tracked-in snow.
  • Garbage or debris.
  • Cracked or broken tiles.
  • Slippery mats.
  • Floors that had just been mopped.

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