Slip and fall accident season is upon us. Are you prepared?

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slip-and-fall-injury-lawyerA huge nor’easter has hit much of northern New Jersey today, just in time for us to hit the roads for Thanksgiving. Although winter is still a month away, this storm is a reminder that slip and fall accident season is upon us.

With winter weather comes a greater chance for slip and fall injuries. Bad weather conditions such as ice and snow can make sidewalks and parking lots extremely hazardous, especially if left untreated. As we know, New Jersey premises liability law states that the property owner is responsible for safety of the conditions of his/her property. If someone happens to slip and fall on someone else’s property — for example, slipping on a patch of ice on someone’s stairs — then the fault may be with the property owner.

But what if winter weather is a factor in the property owner’s ability to keep the property safe? For instance, it has been snowing straight for 24 hours. Although you have been shoveling and trying to keep the sidewalk clean, snow just keeps piling up. You decide to wait until it stops snowing to clean your walkway. Meanwhile, a friend of yours has decided to visit you to make sure you’re ok. While walking up your sidewalk, your friend falls and breaks his/her arm because of the snow pileup. Are you responsible?

Well, in this case, you may not be responsible for your visitor’s accident. In the example above, because it’s been snowing heavily at the time of the accident, you may not be to blame since the weather conditions are hazardous. Yet, if it had stopped snowing outside and you were well aware of the sidewalk yet failed to tell your friend before his/her visit, then you would be responsible for the accident. It can get tricky, which is why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help your case.

The most important thing to remember after a slip and fall accident is to get proper medical attention and make sure you get the right attorney. For more than 26 years, the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been handling slip and fall accident cases throughout New Jersey. We know how to get you the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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