Still waiting on bill to take guns from domestic abusers

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domestic violence gun bill new jerseyRecently, the New Jersey Congress had passed a bill that would give the Jersey courts and police great power to take away guns suspected and convicted domestic abusers. In addition, a bill was recently introduced in Congress that would allow for domestic violence victims to easily gun permit. The bill was rushed through state Congress after the death of Carol Bowne, a Berlin Township woman who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Bowne had obtained a restraining order against her abuser and had tried to get a gun permit a month before her death so she could buy a gun in self-defense. Not only did the bill receive bipartisan support, but it was back by former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, a gunshot victim.

But this was all three weeks ago. The bill is currently sitting on Gov. Christie’s desk, waiting for his signature. But the presidential candidate has stay silent on whether he will sign or veto the bill. According to a recent article from Mother Jones magazine, Christie’s reluctance to do anything with the bill is a sign shows that he is playing towards gun rights groups, who oppose taking guns away from domestic abusers.

According to a recent study, the presence of guns in a household increases the risk of homicide. The risk is increased dramatically if there is domestic violence present in the home. According to the Violence Policy Center, 62 percent of all female homicide victims had known their assailants in an intimate way, such as a wife, a girlfriend, or ex-wives. And the murder weapon most used in these types of homicides? A handgun.

If Christie doesn’t sign the bill within 45 days, it will become a law. Let’s hope this happens sooner than later.

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