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A car accident can happen in a matter of seconds, but the impact can be far-reaching and life-changing. Although there is nothing we can do to erase your ordeal, at the Law Offices of Carbone, we are ready and willing to help you pursue compensation for your losses.

Have you been injured in a car accident in New Jersey caused by someone else’s negligence? Contact Anthony Carbone, an experienced West New York Car Accident Lawyer, to learn about your legal rights and options.


What Causes Car Accidents?

A car accident can happen due to a wide range of reasons. According to records, nonetheless, driver error and negligence is the most common cause of car accidents. When a driver fails to act reasonably, they can expose other road users to inherent danger, injury, property damage, or even death. Some of the most common causes of car accidents in West New York include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Intoxicated driving
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Road rage
  • Fatigued driving
  • Tailgating
  • Ignoring traffic lights and signs

Car accidents cannot always be blamed on driver error as sometimes they are the result of factors such as poor road design and bad weather. In some cases, a collision could be caused by a vehicle malfunction, making the manufacturer or mechanic liable for damages.


No-Fault Insurance and Verbal Threshold

New Jersey applies a no-fault insurance system to car accidents, which means that accident victims must first turn to their insurance coverage for damages. That said, you can pursue a legal claim against a liable party if your injuries surpass the verbal threshold. This is the limitation on a victim’s right to sue for damages in a car accident unless their injuries are severe such as:

  •       Disfigurement
  •       Permanent disability
  •       Loss of a fetus
  •       Loss of a limb
  •       Death


How Does the Statute of Limitations Affect Your Claim?

Car accident victims in New Jersey only have two years from the date of the accident to take legal action against the liable party in the collision. If you miss this deadline, you lose your right to pursue damages through the courts and your case will likely be thrown out.

Because most injury claims settle out of court, many people tend to disregard the statute of limitations. This is a mistake as this deadline can significantly impact your negotiating power in an insurance claim. An insurance company is less likely to honor your claim if there is no chance you could sue them.

Always discuss your options with an attorney immediately after your accident to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines.


Talk to a West New York Car Accident Lawyer

Anthony Carbone is an experienced West New York Car Accident Lawyer who has been defending the rights of car accident victims throughout New Jersey for over 3 decades. He understands the impact an accident can have on someone’s life and is willing to help you get back on your feet.

If you have been injured in a car accident in West New York through someone else’s negligence, attorney Carbone can help you get the compensation you deserve for your losses. Contact him today at 201-829-3829 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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