When You Think Asbestos Caused Your Illness

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Asbestos ExposureJust about everyone has heard about the dangers posed by asbestos exposure. However, problems rarely appear instantly. It could take a good 15-20 years before you even realize the magnitude of your injuries. Is it possible that asbestos caused your illness?

As a New Jersey resident, you may remember the stories about a corporation by the name of Johns Manville. The company is headquartered in Colorado and went through a bankruptcy reorganization back in the 1980s. It is well-known for the manufacture of insulation and roofing products. At one time, the corporation’s plant was so large that an entire town was named after it. Manville, New Jersey is in Somerset County.

Truth be told, Johns Manville’s role in occupational exposure claims date back several decades. In the 1920s, workers first started claiming that working within the plant caused them to become ill with cancer.  By the mid-1980s, it seemed apparent that something was wrong with the materials used within the Johns Manville plant. It wasn’t just employees getting sick – local residents were also succumbing to whatever was going on within the manufacturing buildings.

Ultimately, it was determined that asbestos was the culprit. Asbestos can be one of a few different types of minerals. One of the reasons it was deemed suitable for insulation and roofing is that it is fireproof. However, long time exposure represents toxicity. Some of the diseases attributed to asbestos include asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Many people died as a result of asbestos exposure. Johns Manville was one of the major defendants of lawsuits brought for exposure claims.  Unfortunately, there are still people who become sick because of working or living around asbestos.  They often wonder if it’s too late to make a claim.

Making a Claim for Asbestos Exposure

You may be under the assumption that you can only make a claim for asbestos exposure within two years. While it is reasonable to think that a two-year statute of limitations applies, you may actually have more time. It may be a while before you actually correlate your illness with your exposure to a deleterious substance.

It could be that you worked with asbestos or lived in a building that was covered with it. Meanwhile, you aren’t diagnosed with mesothelioma until ten years after you leave work or move out. The doctor is the one who asks if you remember any contact with asbestos.

Is it too late to see an attorney and learn your rights?  Absolutely not. The statute of limitations would actually run from the date you discovered the relationship of your disease to the exposure. However, the sooner you seek legal counsel, the better. After all, it’s difficult to secure evidence after time.

What types of industry see the most asbestos-related illnesses? According to OSHA, construction workers and shipyard employees are the top two businesses where workers get sick because of asbestos exposure. Mining and milling jobs are also related to asbestos exposure.

According to one government resource, the number of occupational exposure claims has decreased significantly. However, despite additional regulations, it is still possible to suffer a disease related to asbestos.

Homeowners may also express concerns that their house has asbestos shingles. According to the EPA, the problem arises when damage occurs to the asbestos products. Meanwhile, you should check with a licensed professional concerning remodeling efforts.

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