Who’s to Blame If You Were Injured in a Train Derailment

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train derailment injuries anthony carboneTrain accidents seem to be happening more frequently lately. This weekend alone saw three different train accidents, including one that left two dead after the train struck a maintenance vehicle just outside of Philadelphia on Sunday. The recent derailments have brought up safety concerns. Although Amtrak has made efforts to make the railroads much safer, statistics say there is a serious problem. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amtrak passenger fatalities have see a drastic increase in recent years.

But the question remains: If you are injured on a train that derails for some reason, who will be responsible for paying your medical bills? This could be a complicated matter. If the cause for your injuries are a direct result of the train derailment, then the train company is responsible for paying your medical bills. You may also have a case against the workers who may have been negligent in their duties that resulted in the crash.

But what if you are a railroad worker? If you were injured in the train derailment, can you claim workers compensation? Yes, you can, as long as you can prove you were working at the time of the accident.

If you have been in a train derailment accident, the first thing that you’re going to need is a good personal injury attorney by your side. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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