Workers Compensation for Road Construction Accidents

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When you work as a road or highway construction crew, you put your life in danger for the nation. This is because you will stand near fast-moving vehicles all day long, increasing your risks for work injuries. The pieces of machinery used in road constructions also increase your accident risks. Therefore, you need to be eligible for worker’s compensation. However, sometimes your employer’s insurance company may fail to give you the compensation you deserve for several reasons.

At this point, an experienced law expert such as Attorney Anthony Carbone, an elite Bayonne Personal Injury attorney, can be all you need to get the compensation you deserve for road construction accidents.

Getting Compensated if You are Injured at Work

When you get injured on a road worksite, you have the right to file a worker’s compensation. This should cover your medical bills and salary when you are not working due to an injury or injuries incurred while working o a highway or fixing a road. Employers are required to offer this compensation failure, to which you can take legal steps to claim the compensation. The benefits aim to support you and your family when you are not at work and relieve you some burdens from the medical bills, which can be too high depending on the severity of your injuries.

What to do to Qualify for Compensation

Several factors affect your compensation for road construction accidents. First, some regulations have been laid out by the state on reporting an injury or reporting your claim. Your qualification for the compensation largely depends on this. Therefore, if you have an injury at the workplace, let your employer know about it as soon as possible. You also need to immediately seek medical attention, even if you don’t think you have suffered severe injuries.

Employer’s Insurance Company Unwilling to Pay

Note that your employers’ company may not be willing to pay you the compensation and can fight back looking for excuses to deny you the benefits. Therefore, please give them no reason to do that. However, in such a scenario where the insurance is unwilling to pay the compensation, an experienced lawyer can help you stand against your employer’s insurance company. Should your initial claim get rejected, an experienced attorney can guide you through the appeal process. Therefore, when choosing your legal providers, please look for an experienced team who can successfully handle your case.

Common Injuries Among Road Construction Workers

Several reasons besides your safety precautions cause road construction accidents. Some of them you cannot control as they can be considered third-party. For example, you cannot control your driver’s behaviors, which are among the leading causes of accidents. Driving under the influence of substances or over speeding can cause accidents at a road construction work zone.

The most common injuries due to road construction workers include

  •       Broken bones.
  •       Head injuries.
  •       Concussions.

If you get injured on your construction job and feel uncertain about what will happen next, it’s good to seek professional help from law experts. This is because you might know that your employer should compensate you, but you may not be in a position to demand it because you don’t know the law. You deserve worker’s compensation for road construction accidents, and nothing should get in the way.

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