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After suffering injuries in workplace premises due to another person’s disregard, Union City Personal Injury Attorney Anthony Carbone can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. As an experienced lawyer, Carbone offers his clients the advice they need to pursue a claim. Many Jersey City workers’ compensation cases result from isolated workplace incidents; some cases do not. Every victim is eligible for the benefits of job-related exposure for a variety of reasons.

What Are Illnesses That Are Work-Related?

Workers’ compensation insurance rates can be confusing, and victims can be denied if they do not follow the instructions. But with a lawyer who has a strong work ethic and extensive knowledge of the law, it is easier to produce a positive outcome. Some of the illnesses that are considered work-related include;

  •       Breathing conditions, including cancer, asbestosis, or obtrusive respiratory disease caused by inhalation of harmful substances such as chemicals, dust, gas, or vapors.
  •       Hearing loss is caused by a lack of protection from excessive noise.
  •       Work-related poisoning can arise from exposure to substances like lead, arsenic, insecticides, and carbon monoxide.
  •       Skin disorders due to exposure to chemicals or plants
  •       Recurring motion injuries such as lifting and bending or using hand tools.

What you need to know about workers’ compensation insurance rate

As a victim of a business-related accident, you need to know the essentials of workers’ compensation laws. First, it is essential to present a statement of the incident to the employer and sign up for an attorney. Other steps of this process include;

  •       Filing the claim promptly with the help of Attorney Carbone, the appeal will get processed quickly. This process helps avoid delays in receiving medical care or temporary benefits while healing from injuries.
  •       After the employer receives the statement, the next step is filing a claim with the insurance company.
  •       Once the file is opened, an investigation begins to establish the victim’s worthiness for reimbursements.

What Are the Welfares an Injured Victim Is Eligible For?

In some cases, after an injury, the employer may accompany the victim to a local medical center. Once the petition receives approval, the victim is fit for benefits such as;

  •       Lost earnings- These benefits are eligible to a victim if a physician decides he or she needs several days out of work to recover from the injury.
  •       Medical care- The employer’s insurance pays for any medication the victim needs, including therapy or medical devices. The insurance company, however, decides on which health care the victim will receive treatment from.
  •       Permanent Disability Benefits- Whether it is a partial or permanent disability, it is advised to request an attorney’s help. This is because the workers’ compensation laws do not offer permanent disability awards.
  •       Death benefits- In case of loss of the victim, the worker’s dependents are titled to death benefits, including payments for medical treatment and burial arrangements.

What are workplace accidents related to third-party claims?

In some rare cases, it is impossible to sue the employer outside the workers’ compensation courts. Though there is a possibility, the victim can claim against the third party that caused the incident. Some of the prospective cases against careless parties include;

  •       Motor vehicle accident such as collision with another driver while driving a delivery truck
  •       Slip and fall on premises that are inappropriately repaired
  •       Construction accidents
  •       Toxic substances
  •       Product liability

It is complex to deal with the law without the right attorney by your side. As a dedicated lawyer with the right experience, Attorney Carbone will make sure your case has a fruitful finish. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to set up a free consultation if you have been injured at work and received a rejection for workers’ compensation assistance.

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