Ashley Madison: 2015’s Reason for a Divorce

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Ashley Madison cheating divorce Anthony CarboneThings went from bad to worse recently for users of the online cheating website Ashley Madison. Over the weekend, hackers published the names, credit card info and addresses of 32 million users of website, causing havoc across the Internet. Already there have been suicides linked to the hacker attack and one reality star is having a very bad week because of the leak. Meanwhile divorce lawyers are pretty happy. Work is coming our way. One attorney even said the scandal may be the leading cause of divorce in 2015.

We had spoke about divorce and Ashley Madison in a previous blog but now that names have been released, another question comes to mind: Can I legally use this as evidence of cheating?

Proving adultery as a reason for a divorce can be tricky. Unless you have an eye witness or your spouse comes clean, it’s hard to provide evidence of adultery. In fact, if you are considering a divorce from a cheating spouse, it’s easier to claim a “no-fault” divorce in New Jersey than it is to claim adultery as a cause.

When you are providing evidence, it has to be obtained legally, such as a hotel room bill with the names of both your spouse and the other party on it. But is the Ashley Madison hacked list considered legal? Probably not, but you can use the list as a starting point to trace any credit card statements for suspicious activity.

If you are planning a divorce in New Jersey, you’re going to need an experienced attorney to help you through the ordeal. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.


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