What Happens When an ATV Crash Causes Sizable Injuries?

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ATV accidents law offices of anthony carboneWith the turn in the weather comes adventure. For some, that means moving an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) from the garage to a trail or a path. One problem. Some quests for excitement can turn disastrous. So, what happens when an ATV crash causes sizable injuries?

Just last month came local news reports of an all-terrain vehicle accident. Two teens were medevacked to a hospital when they sustained serious injuries while out on a ride. According to the article, the pair were riding on a trail and were ejected from the ATV. Police have made allegations that alcohol was a factor in the one-vehicle accident.

ATV Accident Statistics

For starters, let’s take a look at some ATV operation requirements. You may already know that New Jersey requires all-terrain vehicle operators to be at least fourteen years old. Notwithstanding, there are additional regulations that you can review here.

So, does that mean age is a factor in ATV accidents? A couple of years ago, the Consumer Products Safety Commission did an entire study on crashes involving all-terrain vehicles. Here are some interesting statistics from that report which studied ATV accidents on a national basis from 1982 until 2014:

  • There were a total of 13,617 fatalities
  • Children under age 16 accounted for almost 3100 of the deaths
  • Forty-three percent of the children who died in ATV crashes were under age 12
  • In 2014 alone, 93,700 individuals were treated for injuries related to an ATV accident

Obviously, these are gruesome details. Be that as it may, there are a number of reasons that people are hurt in ATV accidents. In some cases, it is that two people are riding on a vehicle that is not intended to carry passengers. Other accidents are attributable to driver inexperience, stunt driving and obstructions on the roadway. Impairment and distracted driving are sometimes cited as issues. In select circumstances, ATV crashes occur because of a malfunction in the vehicle.

Liability for Damages

Frankly, you may not be concerned at all about statistical research. Your focus may be primarily because of fears about paying your medical bills and determining whether you are entitled to a monetary damages award.

Your first instinct may be to turn to your automobile insurance carrier and request coverage. Unfortunately, you will not necessarily receive a helpful answer going that route.  Your regular auto insurance only covers passenger vehicles. All-terrain vehicles, such as quads and dirt bikes are recreational and off-road vehicles. Notwithstanding, some insurance companies have partnered with other carriers to offer policies to assist injury victims. In the alternative, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney to learn your options.

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