Robbed and Beaten on a College Campus? You Are Not at Fault

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beaten on a college campus carboneHere is the situation: You are a college professor walking between campus buildings at dusk on your way to your night class. All of sudden, you get jumped by a couple of masked figures. They ask you for all your money, credit cards, and valuable items you have on yourself. When you say no and try to defend yourself, they get physical.

You’re calling for help, but no one is around; not even campus security. The masked figures leave you broke, bloodied and beaten in nearby shrubbery. A student walking by finds you an hour or so later and calls 911. You are taken to the hospital and treated for your injuries. What do you do? Who is to be held accountable for this incident?

An Act of Negligent Security

In this type of situation, you can claim that the college did not offer any reasonable protection and that the area was unsafe. This is called negligent security. It is the responsibility of the property owner to make the area safe for the people who visit. In this the scenario, it is the college’s responsibility to make sure students, faculty, and other visitors are safe and protected when on campus.

This includes providing adequate security measures. Although a property owner may not be responsible for every crime or incident that occurs, the owner is still required to take measures to protect anyone who might visit or pass through the property. This means installing security cameras, hiring guards and providing adequate lighting in areas such as sidewalks and parking lots.

What is Considered Negligent Security?

In more common terms, negligent security is when a property owner cannot or is not properly securing their property. Some common cases that involve negligent security include:

  • Failure to provide adequate parking lot security (poor lighting, no security cameras, etc.)
  • Assaults in stairwells or elevators
  • Failure to screen/supervise those hired for security purposes
  • Negligent security on college campuses
  • Negligent security on store or mall property

Generally speaking, it is a reasonable expectation for a property owner to be aware of the level of crime that happens on their property (or college campus). Some areas are more susceptible to criminal incidents than other locations. This becomes an important consideration when determining the necessity for security measures. If the property (or campus) has a history of problems with theft or violent crimes, the property owner has to take action; otherwise, you will be forced to take action if an incident was to occur.

Are You the Victim of a Crime?

Have you been injured as a result of negligent security? Then you can make a claim for damages. The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone have handled these types of cases for nearly three decades. Contact us to discuss your case.

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