Who should a premises liability lawsuit be made against?

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Individuals should have some expectation when in someone else’s property; that the property is well maintained and safe. In some circumstances, that is not the case. You may suffer injuries leading to filing a premises liability case.  Premises liability covers different types of accident claims happening on private properties. They consider who is accountable if one falls, slips, and gets hurt. The reason for filing this case is to try to recover damage and loss from the property owner. You can consider hiring Jersey City personal injury attorney Anthony Carbone to defend your rights.

Cases on premises liability may be filed against;

Injury happening due to the fault of the owner.

When you are another person’s property and suffer an injury, you are a victim of premises liability. For successfully pursuing the premises liability case, you have to prove that the property owner was aware of the risk and danger to others. In case of an unmarked floor, or slippery stairs, which are dangerous, the chances of winning the case seem easy, but there is a complication to proving the owner’s negligence. That is an excellent reason to hire a personal injury attorney in new jersey who can assure a successful case. Some common types of premises liability injuries are broken bones, cuts and bruises, traumatic brain injury, disfigurement, and dislocation.

Types of premises liability cases

Animal bites- animal bites can result from multiple animals like dogs, cats, and even donkeys. They can lead to harm when they apply a bite to their victims. Dog bites are the most common type of bites around the world. A reckless property owner failing to secure a dangerous animal may result in personal injury to others.

Swimming pool accidents- dangerous swimming pools with deep ends should be made aware using awareness note or electric fence. Failure to fence or make awareness can lead to a person drowning or entering the restricted area.

Amusement park injuries- a poster showing awareness of dangerous places cannot entirely escape a premises liability case. An injury or loss upon happening can lead to a successful case. A different scenario can be considered when solving the premises liability case. The visibility of posters to make awareness can be considered when finding a solution.

Sidewalk falls- you may declare and pursue a case on-premises liability if you suffered an accident because of an icy surface or uneven pavement. Dangerous and abnormal roads should be made aware to the users as it may cause damage leading to the filing of a case.

Fire claims and carbon monoxide- you can pursue a premises liability case against property owners who do not take preventive cautions when it comes to storing flammable and dangerous material. Flammable materials should be in a place hard to access.

When you get injured away from home/someone’s property.

Pursuing a case on being injured on someone’s property depends on the nature of the incident that led to an injury. People who fall in public places like malls and shopping centers should make a report concerning the incident.

Individuals who are injured on other people’s property should meet a premises liability attorney. At the Anthony Carbone, consultation is free. Any client is welcomed in the firm. The firm provides its service to clients around Jersey City, Newark, throughout Hudson and Essex in New Jersey.

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