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Depending on the nature of one’s accident, you might not be in the right state of mind to take the right action. In general, your primary concern ought to be securing urgent medical treatment. Suppose you fall in a public place, for instance, a shopping mall or supermarket, you should make a report documenting the particulars of your accident, but not necessarily that detailed. In the meantime, it’s best to have a North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney to represent you.

The Different Forms of Premises Liability Cases

         Premises liability can occur under nearly any situation and on virtually any type of property. There is a wide range of cases where the property owner can be found negligent, including swimming pool accidents, negligent or inadequate security, sidewalk falls, falling down the stairs or steps, elevator accidents, construction site accidents, amusement park injuries, shopping accidents, fire or carbon monoxide claims, and many more.

         Even though this list comprises the most common premises liability accidents, it’s not entirely comprehensive. The law offices of Attorney Carbone will evaluate your claim’s unique circumstances to establish your right to compensation.

What To Do In Case Your Suffer A Personal Injury?

         Once you suffer an injury on someone else’s property, there are some steps you should take because the injury might be because of the owner’s negligence. These include:

Ø  Record the premises’ address and take photos of the building, inside and/or outside.

Ø  Secure witnesses and their contacts and everything you remember about the accident.

Ø  Keep all relevant medical records, highlight expenses, and related costs.

One should have some standard expectancies while on another person’s property; the owner maintains the premises safe and well-maintained. Suppose that’s not the case, and you sustain personal injuries because of it, you must file a premises liability case. 

Premises liability is a blanket term encompassing various forms of accident claims. Factor in who may be liable if you fall, slip, or get injured. Same case as in case you trip and fall. But in both, you will hope to recover the damages incurred from the premises’ owner. Other injuries sustained include, but are not limited to, cuts and bruises, broken bones, dislocations, assault injuries, dog bites, disfigurement, traumatic brain injury, etc.

All in all, premises liability cases are not only limited to slips and falls. Besides, the bare fact that you’re injured on another person’s premises doesn’t necessarily mean their insurance company will settle your claim. In fact, most try to evade responsibility, and that’s why you require a personal injury attorney.

Talk To An Attorney

The property owner’s negligence to maintain the safety of his/her premises also creates the risk of wrongful death. This leaves a massive void for the loved ones that are left behind. So, it’s necessary to consider a wrongful death claim.

Typically, you should reach out to a skilled premises liability attorney any time you sustain an injury on another individual’s property. The experienced lawyers at the Law Offices Of Anthony Carbone partner with injury victims to help them get the compensation they need for total recovery, as highlighted by the New Jersey law. If you or your loved one have sustained an injury on someone else’s property and wish to file a claim, schedule a free consultation with Anthony Carbone today.

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