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All property owners, regardless of the precautions you take, are at risk for liability suits. Liability suits can stem from property damage or injuries, which occur on the business premises. If you sustain an injury on someone else’s property, you should contact an experienced premises liability attorney. The North Bergen Personal Injury Attorney at the Law Chambers of Anthony Carbone partners with victims of injury to seek the financial compensation required for their full recovery, as stated by the New Jersey Law.

Who Benefits From Personal Injury Protection?

The most prevalent lawsuits filed against property owners are from customers and other visitors who fall, slip or sustain a form of injury while on their premises. Such accidents are common in retail stores but can occur nearly everywhere, including hallways, office or hotel lobbies, etc.

As a property owner, one is expected to take the necessary measures to protect their visitors from injury or property damage. You should expect to protect persons from hazards you do not know about or cannot reasonably anticipate will happen. The most common visitors to your business premises fall under the following categories:

Ø  Licensee- A person who’s allowed to enter the premises, for instance, utility workers and delivery persons, are aware of the dangers and cannot expect the most exceptional level of care to guarantee their safety.

Ø  Invitee- A person who’s been invited into the premises, i.e., the customer. Invitees expect the owner to have taken the necessary precautions, thus ensuring safety.

Ø  Trespassers- Persons who are neither permitted nor invited to the premises, i.e., vandal and burglars, have relatively limited assumptions to their safety.

Suppose you are legally responsible for property safety, and a visitor sustains an injury or property is damaged, you will be held accountable to compensate for any damages. An injury sustained on your property, no matter how minor, can cause a lawsuit. The costs incurred while paying damages or defending yourself can be quite devastating for your organization. Thus, premises liability insurance serves to protect you and your visitors.

Premises Liability Insurance Exclusions

The measure or extent of liability will more likely lie on what category the visitor falls into. For instance, if a burglar falls through a high area and gets injured while trying to break into your premises, you will not have to compensate him/her (trespasser) for the injuries.

Also, if a medical professional injures someone while offering health care, or you sustain damage on your property, it cannot be covered by premises liability insurance. Instead, you’ll require a separate policy.

How To Seek Premises Liability Insurance?

Every property/business owner requires insurance to protect their visitors who sustain an injury while on their premises. As part of the commercial general liability policy, premises liability insurance offers the needed protection. For expert help in securing premises liability insurance, reach out to the Law Office of Anthony Carbone.

Anthony Carbone and the team have more than three decades’ experience. They will work with you to obtain quotes from various insurance companies so that you can compare and find the best premises liability insurance that meets your needs and budget. Call the Law Office of Anthony Carbone today (201-733-2230) to schedule a consultation.

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