The Bottom Line on the Danger of Bike Accidents

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bike accident stats anthony carboneBike accidents.  With the change in weather, there will be plenty of them.  Alarmingly, the injuries from a bicycle accident can be even worse than those suffered from a car crash.

Take the case of Fran Brennan.  She took her bike out for a stroll down the side streets of downtown Jersey City.  She was riding with the flow of traffic.  She had on her helmet.  Fran was even hugging the shoulder of the road.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite matter that Fran was following all the laws.  A young driver in a pick-up was engaged in a heated text message with his soon to be ex-girlfriend.  It was a breakup conversation. It was also a distraction that caused the young man to look away from the road.

Suddenly and without warning, the big truck veered over into the shoulder of the road.  It was a split second.  You can guess the rest.  The resounding scream and metal to the ground.  Fortunately, Fran survived the accident.  She was lucky.

The Statistics on Bike Accident vs. Car Crashes

Consider these alarming statistics as presented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

  • One percent of all trips taken within the United States are on bicycles
  • In 2013, 900 deaths were reported due to bicycle related accidents
  • In that same year, there were over 494,000 emergency room visits attributed to bike accidents
  • Bike accident fatalities are a more frequent occurrence among males
  • Deaths from bicycle accidents often happen in urban areas
  • Those most frequently involved in bicycle accidents are aged 15-19 or over age 40
  • There is a higher risk of dying from a bike accident than a car crash

Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

The statistical data somewhat speaks for itself.  In a prior article, we provided you with the law regarding bicycle accidents.  Take the time to review it.  It contains important information.

Frankly, some circumstances have nothing to do with the way you are operating or controlling your bicycle.  The story of Fran Brennan is a perfect example of such an accident.  She was doing everything correctly.

However, you do want to make sure you have on your helmet.  You want to avoid traumatic head injury.  As a bicycle rider, you are in a vulnerable position.  Do everything you can to be alert to your surroundings and ensure that your equipment is in good order.

Accidents Do Happen

At the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone, we have represented a number of individuals involved in bicycle accidents.  If you have sustained injuries in a bike accident, we would be happy to speak with you.  Contact us to discuss the particulars of your case.


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