Fatal Accidents Can be a Criminal and Personal Injury Nightmare

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fatal-accidents-attorney-anthony-carboneTraffic was slowed to a crawl this morning as a fatal auto accident on I-95 in Bergen County killed one and injured another. According to the report, the tractor-trailer had collided with an SUV, causing the truck to overturn and killing the driver.

A death from an automobile accident is a horrific experience and it seems to happen more often than not. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission, there were 30,800 fatal accidents in the United States in 2012.  It’s hard for a family of the loved one from such a tragedy. And for the other driver, he/she could face serious legal consequences.

Not only is a fatal auto accident considered a criminal act, it can also lead to a personal injury lawsuit. Let’s say your spouse was involved in a fatal accident and had died as a result of his/her injuries. You find out that the other driver, who had survived, had been speeding at the time of the accident. In the eyes of the law, the other driver had committed an illegal act and can be arrested for a charge of vehicular manslaughter.

But how can it be a personal injury lawsuit? Let say that driver who was speeding was the one who caused the accident. According to New Jersey’s wrongful death laws, a death was caused by someone’s negligent actions. That means, as a family member, you can sue that driver for monetary compensation for any expenses occurred from the accident. This includes any wage losses If your spouse was the wage-earner of the family.

Losing a loved one from a fatal accident is a life-altering experience for everyone involved. But by seeking a legal solution to your possible financial losses can help ease some of the burden.

Did you get into a car accident? The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone has been fighting for the rights of drivers since 1988. If you get into an accident and you need legal help, contact us today for a free consultation.

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