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When you get into an auto accident, many emotions are probably going through your mind at that moment — anger, confusion, anxiousness, frustration. But those feelings are heightened when you are struggling to get the proper compensation you need for injuries caused by someone else’s recklessness. Jersey City auto accident lawyer Anthony Carbone understands how upsetting and confusing it is after an auto accident, especially if it took the life of someone you loved. Many insurance companies and individuals will fight against paying what is your rightful compensation. But the Jersey City law firm Law Offices of Anthony Carbone wants to help you gain compensation and closure from your auto accident and allow you to start living your life normally again.

Different Types of Auto Accidents

nj auto accident lawyer anthony carboneAlthough New Jersey has a “no-fault” policy when it comes to auto accidents, this does not mean you cannot pursue compensation from someone else if you have been injured in an auto accident. It simply means that the courts of New Jersey draw a line that distinguishes the difference between physical injury and claims for pain and suffering. Our motor vehicle accident lawyer in Jersey City can answer your questions about New Jersey law concerning auto accident litigation. Learn what your first steps should be after a motor vehicle accident.

There are many types of auto accidents that our law firm handles, such as:

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Medical Bills

Medical treatment becomes a primary concern when you suffer injuries in a motor vehicle accident.  You already know how confusing it is to make a claim for property damage. Now, your focus turns to make sure you have insurance coverage for your medical bills.

Not all car crash victims have their own automobile insurance policies. If you own and operate a vehicle in the State of New Jersey, you face legal requirements regarding coverage. In most cases, payment for your medical treatment falls under a portion of your coverage known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

Depending on the extent of your policy limits, you may have adequate coverage to ensure payment of your medical bills. There’s also the chance that you expect your health benefits to cover your costs.

In the meantime, you may not even own or operate a vehicle in New Jersey. You could be a passenger in someone else’s car. For that matter, auto-pedestrian accidents also cause significant harm. Additionally, when an automobile crashes into someone on a bicycle, the results often manifest as catastrophic injuries.

Notably, some car crashes involve work-related claims. For example, if your employer sent you on an errand, you might be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. In such cases, your company’s insurance company provides you the names of specific treating doctors. For on-the-job injuries, the only exception to authorized medical care concerns emergency treatment.

An experienced motor vehicle accident attorney helps injury victims through the claims process. When you’re hurt, it’s difficult to understand how the whole system works. It’s particularly frustrating when you had absolutely nothing to do with the accident.

Do your best to limit your conversations with your own insurance company, as well as the representative from the other carrier. When you are requested to give written or oral statements, you should refer insurance adjusters to your attorney.

Meanwhile, you should also know the results of a recent New Jersey Supreme Court ruling. Previously, injury victims who selected the limitation on lawsuit option as part of their policy could not sue for economic damages.

However, if your bills exceed the amount of PIP benefits available to you, your attorney can discuss pursuing a lawsuit for them. All in all, you should not sustain severe economic losses when you are injured by no fault of your own.

Other Considerations Involving Car Crashes and Compensation

Under New Jersey law, automobile insurance policyholders have the choice between a few options. In order to restrict costs, many vehicle owners limit their right to sue for damages.

One of the major differences between the two policy choices concerns the right to sue an at-fault driver for pain and suffering.  Even so, there are several reasons you can pursue a lawsuit with a lesser option. An experienced automobile accident attorney can review the feasibility of pursuing a claim for money damages.

You should also know that you may be entitled to sue a negligent party for aggravation of pre-existing injuries. For example, you may be healed from a knee or hip replacement. The force of a car crash could easily change your circumstances and quality of life.

If you’ve lost a loved one due to a motor vehicle accident, your lawyer can also explain the procedures associated with a wrongful death claim. In the first place, you’ll need to determine who has the right to pursue legal action on behalf of the estate.

What about if you were hurt at work while involved in a motor vehicle accident? In the first place, you won’t have to prove someone else was at fault to make a claim. Secondly, you may be able to pursue a third-party case against the individual who caused the crash.

Here’s something else for consideration. Were you partially at fault for the collision that resulted in your injuries? As long as you were less than 50% negligent, you may be entitled to compensation.

It’s not that insurance adjusters necessarily doubt you’ve suffered as a result of an accident. However, carriers are in the business of making money. If they afford you payments of any kind, they lose.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind — insurance fraud represents a punishable offense. Don’t make up or exaggerate injuries and expect you’ll escape prosecution. Medical experts may point out their suspicions. And, if the facts don’t add up, you could find yourself in big trouble.

Our motor vehicle accident lawyer in Jersey City can answer your questions about New Jersey law concerning auto accident litigation. Many cases never make it to the courtroom. Attorney Carbone’s experience helps in achieving settlement awards without the expense of a trial.

With all this said, you need to know what to do if you’re involved in a car crash. Learn what your first steps should be after a motor vehicle accident.


Verbal Threshold Insurance

If you carry verbal threshold insurance, a type of insurance allowed in New Jersey, you may be limited to how much compensation you are allowed to receive. This is usually an elective policy, but if you were not aware that you were carrying this type of policy, you may experience frustration when trying to receive compensation for a whiplash or neck injury that was caused by an auto accident. But we can help you get the amount of compensation that you need for your injuries.

You Need an Experienced Jersey City Auto Accident Lawyer

Understanding this and other issues is often confusing and without an experienced Jersey City auto accident attorney to help you work within the constraints of the court system, you may miss out on receiving compensation that is rightfully yours. Most importantly, Attorney Carbone is willing to fight for your rights at no cost to you until you collect compensation.

The Law Offices of Anthony Carbone may use a variety of methods to help in the fight for your auto accident rights including hiring accident reconstruction specialists, taking photographs of the accident scene and vehicles involved, and interviewing witnesses. We will use whatever resources are necessary to help you receive what you deserve. Please contact Jersey City auto accident lawyer Anthony Carbone today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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