NJ Disorderly Person’s Offenses Attorney

NJ Disorderly Person's Offenses AttorneyWhen someone is arrested for a disorderly person’s offense in New Jersey, the defendant may think that it’s a minor problem. There’s no need for a criminal defense lawyer, right? You can fight the charges yourself. However, that’s simply not the case. Any time you must deal with the criminal legal system is a serious matter. And it’s always best to have an attorney by your side who is experienced in criminal matters.

If you were arrested and charged with a minor crime in Jersey City, you’re going to need an aggressive lawyer who will protect your rights. For more than 35 years, Jersey City disorderly offenses defense attorney Anthony Carbone has been helping clients across the state with their criminal charges. He is ready to fight for your rights.

What Is a Disorderly Persons Offense?

Unless you’re familiar with the criminal system in New Jersey, you’ve probably never heard of a disorderly person’s offense. It’s similar to a misdemeanor –it’s a minor charge that is handled by the Municipal Court. Such crimes that fall under this offense include:

NJ Disorderly Person's Offenses Attorney

  • Possessing small amounts of drugs.
  • A simple assault.
  • Petty theft.
  • Harassment.
  • Shoplifting (in an amount less than $200).

If you are found guilty of a disorderly person’s offense, the charge will show up on any background check which can affect your ability to get a job or find a home. You will have to pay some stiff fines as punishment and, if your charge is serious enough or you have a prior record, you may go to jail for a maximum of six months.

How to Beat a Disorderly Person’s Offense

The best way to fight your charges is to hire an experienced disorderly person’s defense attorney such as Attorney Carbone. He could get your charges dismissed entirely or get you into a program, such as a conditional discharge, which means the charge will not go on your record.

NJ Disorderly Person's Offenses AttorneyAnother way our Jersey City disorderly person’s defense attorney can help is to get the charges downgraded to a municipal ordinance violation. If this occurs, then the charges won’t go on your record and your punishment is to pay a fine.

Jersey City Disorderly Person’s Defense Attorney Anthony Carbone Is Ready to Fight

If you have been charged with a disorderly person’s offense in Jersey City, Newark, Hoboken, or anywhere else in New Jersey, we are ready to help. Jersey City criminal defense attorney Anthony Carbone has more than 27 years of defending clients in courtrooms across the state. He is prepared to help you with any criminal issues you may have.

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