When Poor Road Conditions Are to Blame For Your Car Accident

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Whenever we go out on the roads at this time of the year, we know that our lives could be in danger because of the condition of the roads. Snow, black ice, and careless driving go hand-in-hand and even the most careful of drivers could wind up in the middle of an accident. When getting into a car accident, generally the person who hit the other car is the one who is at fault. But what if the roads are the ones to blame?

If your vehicle has been damaged by issues such as icy roads or potholes, in most cases the person at fault is the government department responsible for the maintenance of the road. It has the responsibility to keep the roads reasonably safe for driving. Although be aware, New Jersey law allows a reasonable amount of time for your town to discover and fix the poor road. If the government has not yet discovered that the road was dangerous at the time of your accident, it may not be held responsible for your accident. However, if it was aware of the road condition and did nothing to fix the situation, then you have to prove the government was aware of the condition and it did nothing to fix the problem in a reasonable amount of time.

If this is the case, make sure you record important information such as:

  • The location of the road condition
  • The name of the road
  • The direction you were travelling
  • What exactly is the damage of the road (such as the size of a pothole)
  • Any accounts that witnesses of the accident have

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