Truck Driver Fatigue

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Truck driver fatigue has traditionally been such a common cause of truck accidents that in 2003, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration passed strict regulations on how many consecutive hours a trucker could operate his or her vehicle. Despite these regulations, the United States Federal Transportation Board still believes that truck driver fatigue is a factor in up to 40 percent of all truck accidents.

Truck accidents injure over 100,000 people every year and kill an additional estimated 5,200. Knowing this, why would a trucker willingly put the lives of others at risk by forgoing sleep?

Truck Driver Schedules

One of the leading causes of sleep deprivation in truckers is the unrealistic schedules placed on them by the companies they work for. Trucking is a highly competitive business. To remain viable, trucking companies try to deliver goods faster than their competitors. While this is good for business, it is bad for driver safety, and companies who engage in these practices must be held liable for any injuries they cause in the event of a truck accident.

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