Who Pays My Injury Claim as The Passenger in a Car Accident?

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Passenger injury claim in New Jersey Anthony CarboneYou and your friend decide to take a road trip to see his parents for the holidays. While driving down a wet road, your friend is going a bit too fast for your liking. You tell him to slow down but he ignores your request. Suddenly, the car hit an icy patch on the road and begins to skid. Your friend loses control of the car and crashes into the guardrail. As a result of the accident, your arm is broken. Who foots the bill?

In New Jersey, if you own a vehicle, chances are your insurance will pay any medical bills that occur after an accident involving a motor vehicle. Even if you’re in someone else’s vehicle at the time, your insurance company will pay your injury claim but will attempt to recover the amount from the driver’s insurance company.

But what happens if you don’t own a car and have no auto insurance. What then? This is when PIP coverage will come into play. Your friend’s PIP insurance is responsible for your medical bills. Just remember to report the accident and request an application of benefits (an experienced personal injury lawyer will help you with the application).

Let’s take this one step further. Suppose your friend let his car insurance lapse and neither of you have insurance. Now what? In this rare case, there is a special fund New Jersey has called the New Jersey Property-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association. This fund will cover your medical bills if there is no insurance to help you. Again, before applying for this fund, it is best to consult a New Jersey injury attorney who could help you with the application or offer a better solution to your problem.

If you were a passenger involved in an auto accident, it may be beneficial to speak to an attorney about your injury claim. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone today for a free consultation.

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