Did You Trip and Fall on Black Friday?

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black fridayIt’s the busiest shopping weekend of the year, and it started today. That’s right, it’s Black Friday. Why stores are offering amazing deals on various products across the country, it can be quite dangerous. There are mobs of people standing in line waiting to enter stores. Anything can happen, like personal injuries, theft, and car accidents (if you’re traveling to stores). Trip and fall dangers dramatically increase as well.

When the doors open at your store of choice, crowds come barreling through. That itself can cause many opportunities for trip and fall accidents. If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to be part of the hysteria, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Here’s a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Stay Calm
  • Move Slowly
  • Watch Your Feet

The last one is especially important for trip and fall accidents. Shoppers are fascinated with everything they see. But sometimes, they don’t pay attention to what’s right in front of them, or where they are walking. Looking down every now and again can ensure you do not run into or trip over a product left on the floor.

If you do trip and fall at a store, injuring yourself in the process, what should you do? First and foremost, business owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for anyone who enters. This safety includes following through with maintenance and providing warnings of known hazards. In most cases, the owner is likely responsible for your injury. If you fall in the parking lot, the mall owner or another responsible party is likely liable.

Crowded displays can also cause trip and fall accidents. Too many people in a space meant for only a few can have people tripping over others. Why you might think it’s because of the person you have tripped over, it’s not necessarily the case. The business owner should have prepared for a greater amount of people versus the space provided. Therefore, the owner could be at fault.

Regardless of where you trip and fall, make sure you take care of yourself, and that you or another person records as much as possible about the incident.

  • Request Medical Attention
  • Report the Incident to Mall Security
  • Take Pictures of the Injury and Where you Fell
  • Get Contact Information from Witnesses that Saw the Fall

If you need medical care, or if there are issues with who’s taking responsibility for your trip and fall accident, you will want to speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone. Safe shopping, everyone!

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