What To Do If You Slip and fall in Jersey City

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Many of us have tripped, slipped, and fallen once or multiple times in our lives. Accidents are usually unplanned and can happen very fast, that it can be hard to comprehend the happening. The severity may be from mild to a more serious scenario that requires medical attention. Some accidents may even leave you permanently immobilized. While injuries occur to us, they are not always our fault. Anthony Carbone, a Jersey City Slip and Fall Attorney, works to ensure that we get compensated for accidents that occur due to the negligence of another party.

Even so, the Premises liability law has been put in place to ensure compensation of the bill, pain, suffering, and the time you take off work, should you suffer an injury. The at-fault party oversees these charges. Below is a step-to-step guide on what I should do if I slip and fall in Jersey City:

  1.         Seek treatment: Immediately after suffering an injury, make health and well-being a priority. Hence, it is paramount that I seek medical attention before thinking about anything else. Also, ensuring that the doctor documents everything is useful when claiming compensation.
  2.         Report: I should report the accident to the relevant management of the premises. It is essential that all the details get preserved in writing and that I get a copy of the same.

   iii.         Inspect and document: Identifying the cause of the accident is also important.  It could be because they let many people into the premises at once or the floor was wet. If there are witnesses, I should get their names and phone numbers to help in my claim. Documenting everything, including the footwear I had during the accident and taking photographs, will serve as proof.

  1.         Avoid giving statements: It is advised that I remain calm throughout the investigation—no further statements to neither the management nor the insurance company. Also, I should refrain from posting details relating to the fall on social media.
  2.         Work with an attorney: For my claim to go through, I must work with an experienced attorney. The lawyer will handle all negotiations with the management and insurance on my behalf. Hence, it is vital to have the best attorney.

Why the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone?

If I slip and fall in Jersey City, I will go for attorney Anthony Carbone because:

  •       I will only pay after winning the case: People usually go through a lot after an accident, especially the severe ones. Anthony Carbone will only charge after a successful case.
  •       I am assured of success: Attorney Anthony Carbone has over 30 years’ experience representing people in Jersey City. Hence, my chances of winning are almost certain.
  •       I will get help with scene inspection: The law Offices of Anthony Carbone will have experts who will help examine the property, speak to witnesses, and inspect everything to ensure I am compensated.

The next time you have an accident where you are not to blame, remember you are entitled to compensation for emotional stress, bills, missed workdays, and much more. Contact the Law Offices of Anthony Carbone to benefit from the best legal advice in Jersey City and claim compensation successfully.

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