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As we’ve said before, divorce isn’t just hard on the parents, but it’s really rough on the children. It’s something they don’t forget, a memory that could last a lifetime. When you’re beginning the divorce process, there may be a lot of fights over who gets what. The most important thing you must remember is to keep the chaos at a minimum. You have to reassure them that you both love them and the divorce is not their fault.

Here are some tips on keeping the peace in your house, from

  • Try not to vent your problems. Definitely express your feelings, because repressing them will make things worse. But be aware of your tone of voice. And allow the child to share their feelings as well.
  • Do not put your children in the middle. Do not use them as a pawn in your divorce. If you and your spouse are having difficulties on child custody and support, go to mediator.
  • Don’t show hatred toward your spouse. Remember, this is your child’s parent. By showing bitterness to your spouse, the child might take sides.
  • Start new traditions. Older children may be upset that family traditions, such as opening presents on Christmas Eve, will disappear with the downfall of the family unit. Instead, reassure the children that you will start a new tradition, like sharing Christmas between the parents.
  • Always stay vigilant. Watch your children for any stress they may be feeling because of the divorce. If necessary, consider taking them to a therapist.

Divorce doesn’t need to be contentious. If you are going through a divorce and need a lawyer, contact us today for a free consultation.


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